PSU student expelled after allegedly threatening violence against a faculty member

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    Expelled PSU student wants back in -
    Also a poll.

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- A Portland State University graduate student expelled after allegedly threatening violence against a faculty member wants to return to the university.

    Henry Liu has filed for an administrative review of his expulsion. A hearing is set for Aug. 3.

    The university banned Liu from campus this spring after a classmate reported to police that the graduate student was upset with a professor and talked about guns in the same conversation. Police found four unloaded guns in Liu's apartment.

    Though he was never charged with a crime, the university expelled Liu last month. They allege he furnished misleading information and made himself a possible safety threat.

    The 33-year-old Liu told The Oregonian newspaper he did not threaten a faculty member, and was expelled based on hearsay.
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    Why did police search his apartment? Did they actually get a warrant or did he let them?
    I find it hard to believe that a judge would sign a search warrant based on what's in this story.
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    OSU discriminating against a gun-owning student? Naw, We've NEVER heard about THAT before.
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    Different school.

    From this article, it was voluntary which was a mistake on his part. I also love how everything is "military" or "tactical". At least they didn't use "assault weapon", "arsenal", or any similar terms.

    Was Portland State right in expelling student as safety risk? The student says no; the university says yes |

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    Shame on him for allowing a search - also if he made the threats shame on him for doing so. Lesson - don't allow searches without a warrant. Also - apparently having camping gear or a go bag lets them say you were prepared to flee... so now anyone with camping gear and survival equipment is a flight risk? Does this mean that anyone with a camp trailer or RV that isn't completely empty is preparing to go on the run?
    I have to admit - the cops are kind of in a bad spot here - if they receive information about a threat and fail to do anything about it and the guy did act on the threat they would be crucified for not acting.

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