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    Finally got to shoot it for real today, had some technical difficulties as noted in another posting.

    Smooth, FAST, quiet, but that was expected. The thing that suprized me was how forgiving it was. You know how you can tell that you screwed up the second you release the arrow? Well I did that a few times, and with an axle to axle of 28 inches I wasn't sure how far off the arrow would be, but time after time it was still within a couple inches of the other two!

    When I did my part the arrows were nearly touching, and barried to the fletching. I think this sucker is going to go right through a deer, and maybe even an elk. Might have to turn it down some. It is set to 75lbs right now.

    I'll shoot through the chrono next time and give an update, listed IBO is 316. Overall, I got the bare bow for $400 and am extremely impressed. Worth every penny.

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