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PSA AR products

Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but it does concern semi-auto rifle, sooo.. I have an an AR lower made by Essential Arms and wonder if a PSA A2 upper will fit right on it- no wobbles or other eccentricities... It mounts to a Colt pencil-barrel AR upper but has a bit of wobble, which cannot be good for accuracy!
ALSO, am wondering about the general quality and reputation of PSA AR15 products. Thanks, Dun
Can't say I care for the new format, but then the Old Woman tells me that Im an old conservative coot, resistant to change...
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It would depend on your expectations. If your parts are still in tolerance and you consider 2moa or better within reason with regular ammo, from my experience, PSA parts are fine.

I have some different lowers mixed with PSA uppers. Wobbles are hard to define. Some movement is ok. The biggest difference with my rifles are the triggers, in my opinion.
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I’ve had great luck with PSA products and have half a dozen or so. Think they’re great and get way better than 2moa with a tuned handload.

For wobble on a pre PSA rifle I bought a little hard rubble wedge that you put under the rear retaining pin. It places pressure on the upper and stabilizes it.
Unless you’re wanting a “tack driver”, the slight “wobble” you sometimes get between the upper and lower has negligible affects on accuracy as long as the sights are “tuned” to the barrel.

Many GI M16/4’s are “rattle traps”, but they’re still good enough to hit a human-sized target out to their required ranges.


I built my lower receiver with an Anderson lower. I used a Spikes Tactical lower parts kit with a BCM PNT FCG. I ordered a fully assembled chrome lined upper receiver from PSA and fits without any wobble at all. I had to supply the charging handle and BCG which I have in sets of spare parts.


I agree with others. PSA stuff have been good to me.

Wobble? If your sights and/or scope is mounted to your upper, and your upper and lower wobble a little, it shouldn't be a big deal. Your sights aren't mounted to your lower, and your upper/barrel aren't wobbling. That would be a whole set of issues/problems.

Hope that made sense.



LOL, the first think I do is take those things out and throw them away.

Thanks for the help fellas.. sent an email to see about purchasing several of these-
I HATE wobbly firearms!:eek:
Buy a SOLGW upper/lower set next time and you have that issue.



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