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Looking to sell or trade 3 rifles locally in King/Pierce area, or will trade for non-AR/non-AK/non-FAL rifles, such as semi-auto clone of MG42/M53, or HK SL8 or USC, or other less common guns. May consider shipping to OR or ID as well.

1) Excellent condition FN PS90 Triple Rail model in forest green olive drab color. Very handy and ergonomic, with a 16" barrel in a super compact package. It comes with original factory box, and factory 30rd magazine (the gun can also take 50rd mags). It has 3 picatinny rails for various attachments. $1500.

2) Brand new Sig 556 Classic rifle, with folding and collapsible stock, the same kind as the current Swiss on their 55x carbines. It comes with the original blue factory box, manual and 30rd magazine. It comes with the protected front sight as well as back-up rear iron sight. $1600.

3) Chinese Norinco SKS in 7.62x39mm, in the pistol grip polymer stock, with the M4 type collapsible stock that can extend and collapse and lock at different lengths. Comes in original 10rd mag, and also comes with aftermarket 30rd mag. $450.

4) It is posted in the pistol section, but i also have a Sig Sauer 556 Pistol for $1350. You can look up the detail in the pistol section.
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