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    Hello all,

    I am looking to sell, or trade a Nintendo Wii, a Sony PS3 Slim, and personally built PC. I do not have all of the details to post on hand, and will post updates shortly but here is a brief description.

    The Wii a black edition that came with a super mario bros game, and will have at least 2 wiimotes and at least 1 nunchuk, the zelda skyward sword game, included connection/power cables less than 50 hours spent on the Wii since purchased last christmas.

    The ps3 slim is 120gb and comes with at least a couple guitar hero games and 1 wireless guitar, call of duty modern warefare 2, and call of duty black ops, at least 1 sixaxis controller, included connection/power cables, and a free 6' hdmi cable.

    The pc is a rig I built myself a couple years ago. it has an intel i5 quad core @2.4ghz with a geforce 460, and 4gb's of 2.2ghz dual channel ram. The PC will not include a harddrive though, but I will be happy to install your harddrive for you if needed. The PC also includes two 22' lcd monitors. my razer black widow mechanical keyboard and razer deathadder mouse can be added for $75 if desired

    The current prices are, 90 for all the Wii stuff with original box; 250 for all the ps3 stuff, and 400 for the pc without the razer mouse and keyboard.

    The only trades im looking for is an ak47/variant platform of some sort for any combination of everything up there, or to sell it all separately. I was previously an AVID video gamer in all facets of video gaming; however, I have lost my drive for it, and would like to get an ak47(been looking at CAI yugo/serbian pap m92 lately) to replace my AR15 as my plinker as my SKS has honestly been the most fun to shoot so i want another 7.62x39

    I will provide more details in updates, or in replies to PM's. I would just like to see if there's any interest during the holidays.

    Cheers from WA

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