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    I searched ORS for statutes regarding how recall petition signatures are counted and couldn't find anything. Then I emailed my state senator (Whitsett) and asked him to enlighten me. I received no reply. Two things in play here. 1. Does anybody know if there is anything in state law related to how petition signatures are to be counted? I can't believe this "sampling method " used by our appointed Sec. of State to reject the petitions was not challenged. 2. I realize that Whitsett is pro 2nd amendment (or is he?) but unresponsive legislators should be voted out of office. The chances of a democrat being elected senator in this district are zero and zilch.
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    Ask your Representative..

    You can try a search of Oregon laws, on the state site.
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    Here is a link to the State Initiative & Referendum Manual. Go to the end of page 9 which explains how they use sampling to test the signatures.

    Here is the link to the administrative rule which explains how the statistical sampling is done. OAR 165-014-0030.

    That in turn references ORS Chapter 250.105(5) which authorizes the Secretary of State to use statistical sampling to verify signatures. So statistical sampling is authorized by state statute.

    Below is the link for the state statute.

    Now whether the sampling methodology used was valid, is a different question altogether.
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