just want to know where child protective services are? In some states they investigate a parent for opening a salon against the governors orders and in some dates they let handing a gun to a child just slip by...
It's ok because BLM! As you can see, putting firearms in the hands of children shows just how much they matter! If it was you and I, DHS would have their heads so far up our posteriors, if we farted, it would blow them off!:mad: Not to mention all of our firearms probably would be removed from our domain.:mad:
They have no purpose or right stopping traffic. If they stopped traffic and passed out pamplets or flyers to explain their cause and actions it would be a noble attempt to spread their message .but not 1 time has that been the reason. They stop cars and attack the car and its occupants .usually woman and elderly that ended up there and just trying to go home most by mistake of some sort. It is safe to assume that if they stop your car they will harm you or others with you.for no justified reason.And have evil intent
If you are in a fix like this you can shoot right through your windshield, preferably while wearing some type of eye protection. An AR works and I think a 9mm would work fine. It will be loud and once you shoot you will need to get through the road block with haste.
Well we will see if that clown does get arrested. Doubt. Obvious they could care less about crime in Indy.
Sad to say but just about every city of any size is nothing but a big cesspool these days.

You know what they say about the foundations being destroyed. If we continue to allow them to destroy the moral foundation this country was founded on (and no you stupid BLM wannabees, it wasn't and never has been slavery) there will be little the righteous (i.e. those of us who wish to be law abiding) can do. The country is pretty close to being history. They are saying the election in Nov is the most dangerous and they are so right about that.

The choice is clear will we be a nation of socialist do gooders who define and decree by fiat what is right in our own eyes. Or will we be a country that continues for at least a little while longer will to stand for freedom.

It's been said before on this board and others. There is clearly a civil war going on. It's been a cold civil for the most part. But the war of ideas and what we want to be as a people are at stake. BLM, antifa, and some other thugs and terrorists have heated it up a little. Based ont he thread here it's pretty clear that there are a number of us that are getting just about fed up with the foolishness and blatant disregard for anything legal. And that more people are getting closer to be ready to do something about it.

I think that most of us believe that truly the pickup driver should have floored it and removed the threat. Or better yet pulled his own firearm and engaged the threats. I would guess many of us wished that he would have. But if it was us that was the driver would we have. Probably not just as the driver did. You will note the ponly violence seen in the whole thing was from these criminals breaking the law in broad daylight. And that right there is the sole reason that it's not yet a hot civil war. We are w9illing to try and come to a workable solution. Violence is not our first or second choice. (This of course is not true of the other side.)
And for now these clueless clowns better thank their collective butts that it is so. Becuase if the at dams burst. And our side figures what the heck, forget being mr nice guy it's going to get nasty really really fast. And i suspect most of the casualties are going to be on the other side.
Read my first post.:s0155: I was trained to survive.
I did and while I agree. My point was that most of us would try to avoid escalating by nature. Why because as a whole we are law abiding. Do i thnk 1639 and 594 is a joke and mostly useless, Sure. Do I still do private transfers using an FFL, yes. Why? Because as dumb as that law is, it is still the law until we can find someone competent in the state courts to actually stand for the constitution. And because its the law I will follow it, bubbleguming and moaning along the way, but follow because I am law abiding.
That is really what makes us different from the other side. Our default is to avoid the confrontation if we can.

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