Properly set up and maintained, ARE there unreliable semi-autos?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by NoviceSquared, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I know that some handguns have a reputation for extreme conditions reliability (Glocks that get buried for 2 years, then rinsed and have 500 rounds shot through them).

    But under normal circumstances, if a gun is properly set up, cleaned, and maintained, are there basic differences in design that make certain Sigs or USPs or Glocks or XDs more reliable than other name-brand handguns?

    I want reliability (especially when using JHP) but can just about any handgun be made as reliable as any other? Or not?
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    Like all things mechanical/assembled/tolerances/whatever no not all guns will be reliable- even within a "reliable" manufacturer, stuff happens. You can minimise that though by going with a known reliable model/design/manufacturer.
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    I have seen many reliable guns made into unreliable by over zealous owners wanting to "improve" and "upgrade" them. Left alone most guns from reputable manufacturers are just fine. Also I have seen many guns blamed when in fact it is the "as good as" crap ammo is being fed into them.
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    Most semi auto designs are reliable but like "iamme" said stuff happens (out of spec springs, burrs,tight chambers,ect) a well tested gun that has been maintained will be more reliable than your ammo.
    some guns do have problems with a condition called "limp wristing" I avoid these for self defence not because I have weak wrists but because I may have to shoot it from a less than optimum position. Also test your gun with a light on it if you are going to use one there is a very "reliable" gun that had problems when used with rail light (even that companys own lights)
    Some early 9mm's and 45's that were made before hollowpoints were popular will have narrow feed ramps and may have issues with hp's.
    I wouldn't worry too much about torture tests I have never had a sand box in my house, or a frozen gun in my freezer, or forgot my gun in the oven.

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