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Depends on the diameter, how long it is and the tools you have to work with.:s0092:
Well that's what I want to talk to you about.
I have a few pictures of it but I have no .
Metal working tools.
I just need to know if there is anything I can do with this stuff.
There are two .
They where the shafts from a fishing boat
Two parts both about 7 or 8 feet long.
About 2 to 3 inch wide .
Solid .


PXL_20210221_020006092.jpg PXL_20210221_020148506.jpg PXL_20210221_020023327.jpg
I feel even Andy is going to call foul on this one, but I found these pieces of an old brass hinge in the junk box and they just, "Spoke " to me. Such, "Blasphemy" would have gotten me thrown off of the BP site even sooner than my Avatar did.

View attachment 856684 View attachment 856685

A brass peep sight...cool... :D
Why not...?
After all you made the blunderbuss , it ain't like you were replicating a actual historic piece.
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