Problems with Weatherby Vangaurd S2

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by norseman, Dec 27, 2013.

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    I've been looking for a replacement hunting rifle in 30-06 for a few months, and after handling a lot of firearms, reading reviews, comparing triggers, for the price I really liked the Weatherby Vanguard S2. I know it's basically a howa made in japan, doesn't have a free floating barrel, or bedded receiver, but it just feels natural for me. I found one for sale at a sporting goods store, new, with just a few wear marks from being on the shelf. I got a really good deal $459, or so I thought. After getting it home, I noticed some scratching on the bolt, and a little rust. Not a big deal I can just polish it. I also noticed a surface rust spot around the top of the receiver, and rust discolor where the barrel and the receiver meet. So, I cleaned and polished the rifle, almost looks spotless now. However, when I took off the stock, this is what I saw



    Where the stock covers up the receiver, there is pitting. There's no rust, but just pitting, like someone cleaned the rust off and oiled it. Also the bolt is extremely difficult to operate until the gun is cocked. I did try it at the dealers, and it worked fine the first few times. There is something binding inside.I was wondering if this looks normal, or if anyone else had had these issues?

    I called weatherby, they said I could send it in, but total turn around time would be 2 months, so I ended up taking the rifle back to Bob's in longview, and they gave me my money back. However, I was told that this rifle was actually the weatherby's sale rep demo model. So it was not actually new, and probably dragged around from place to place and handled by everyone. So it looks like there was some miscommunication or missrepresentation of this rifle, and the sales rep for weatherby allowed a sub par demo model to be sold by a dealer. I'm not sure who to blame on this one, both the sales rep and store should have been more concerned with quality and customer service, rather than selling a rifle, and they should have been up front that it was a demo.

    So anyhow this has been resolved, unfortunately I am no longer a weatherby owner.
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    It won't hurt anything structurally. If it was Cerakoted later on that would all disappear in the prep. It could also be sanded and polished out if rebluing. I wouldn't worry about it. Vanguards are great rifles.

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