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    Sitting here thinking about what transpired in
    the Katrina aftermath. The disarming of the law abiding
    citizens by the Governor and the National Guard.

    We all could face a situation like that, in an act of nature
    or a terrorist attack, and every last one of us needs to
    make more contact with the members of our Military,
    National Guard, Police, and get them to understand they never have to obey an unlawful order.
    Going against and disarming law abiding citizens in any situation goes 100%
    against the US Constitution and against America as a whole.

    They need to be re educated as to what they do.

    Some day it may come to a point that Government gets out of control as was the Monarchy that Americans
    broke from and a new government needs to be re established.
    It is not beyond the imagination that this could happen.

    Just who's side would the Military take if given an order to turn against US citizens in a situation like that,
    or like the basic Katrina scenario.

    Have any of you ever just plainy asked your friends, family and aquaintenences in the military or
    Law enforcement what they would do ??

    I know many have thought about it.

    After all they are the Guardians of America and it's citizens.
    Maybe it is time to make all of them think about the ultimate questions.
    They all took the ultimate oath to defend the US
    Constitution against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic !
    But... do they truly understand the oath they took ?
    Someday they may have to make that decision.
    If they do, on who's side will they ultimately stand?
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    Yes they are great and I think we ALL need to do this.
    It isn't reaching enough Mil and LE, and all of us need to help.
    I send that link to everyone I know, but still we need to get nore people thinking and acting.
    I still have never seen a real study how many of our Military and LE will actually stand by the citizens in a
    worst case scenario. How many will follow blindly the
    unlawful orders of a socialist politician or leader that orders them to go against good citizens.
    I find many know what the Constitution is that they swore
    to uphold, but few actually understand what the words mean within it.
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    Take a look at the division of funds in the US budget. We spend more on our military than all nations combined. We also subsidize foreign military and governments overtly and covertly. We have bases in almost every country. We run operations without declaration or Congress approval(for what that's worth). American citizens can be assassinated by Presidential decree. Trying to convince the military is a lost cause. The generals and higher ups are not "of the people" and do not relate. They are at the level of the politicians. A lot of them are millionaires. The lower levels follow orders. If they don't, they will be forced to. If they still don't. they will be in FEMA summer camp. In all likeliness, if troops get deployed on the streets in the US, most of the foot soldiers will be NATO or through the Security Cooperative; meaning Canadian,Central American or Mexican. Or possibly British. Northcom and the main brigade serving Northcom will supervise through Fusion Centers. And then there's the drones. Of which, a new big contract has just been awarded to Oregon to build. And of course, the wonderful contractors like Xe. Contractors make up a substantial part of the military budget. These people have know personal ties to you or me and are mostly psychopaths as was displayed in Iraq. Even the Marines don't like them.

    Point being, this country got bought and sold a long time ago by the powerful international financial families. You would be better off running your own local intel group and forming a small band of people who have mutual, unbreakable trust and who have a low security risk (ie. little or no family or assets to care about). Form a co-op and start making power plays with farmers so you get on their A list. Buy from them direct. If they get threatend by the gov or USDA, back them up. Let them know you will do so. Take care of your own security.

    The BoR and Constitution are just pieces of paper unless you enforce them.

    In the end, " never forget your mortal". MEMENTO TE ASSE MORTALUM

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    The point is our youth, the personel from lower Officer, NCO and enlisted as well as LE need to be educated, in case of WCS. It is the US Constitution and the well being of American Citizens that will need them, not the UN, the Politicians, and those that will direct them against us.
    They are all still our family and neighbors and are under the same corrupt abuse potential as all of us. They are taught to follow blind orders, but have to be taught the difference. Hitlers troops followed blind orders. We all must make sure ours do not act without thinking in any domestic action of defense from (against) the UN and those mentioned. The US is at great risk of this scenario more than ever.
    Especially with the current administration.
    You are correct, that the upper echelon are bought and paid for. Not all, but most.

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