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    I just read through an email I received and I thought it was very important and good info for all the forum members here to have. Email contets below.

    Victory x 3
    arrows.gif After what seems like an onslaught of mostly negative gun-related news as of late, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel—several lights, in fact—as we’ve seen not one but three important pro-gun victories this past week.

    The biggest bit of news comes from Washington D.C., where the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) recently challenged the city’s highly-restrictive “may-issue” permitting system that, according to, issued exactly eight—EIGHT—concealed carry permits in the first 3 months since its inception.

    You may recall that in July of 2014, Judge Frederick J. Scullin, Jr. found the city’s ban on carrying concealed guns in public unconstitutional.

    What initially seemed like a huge victory for responsibly armed Americans in our nation’s capital wasn’t exactly what it seemed: the city “required concealed carry applicants to provide justification for wanting a permit to carry firearms outside the home for personal protection.”

    But on May 28, according to the SAF, “Judge Scullin ruled...that the requirement ‘impinges on Plaintiff’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.’”

    Furthermore, Scullin “has denied the city’s request for an immediate administrative stay of his ruling last week granting a preliminary injunction against further enforcement of the requirement.”

    That’s good news, says SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb:

    “Bearing arms is a civil right, not a government-regulated privilege subject to arbitrary discretion. This case isn’t about making a political statement, but about making the District of Columbia comply with an earlier court ruling, and with the Constitution.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Good Guys: 1, Anti-Gunners: 0

    There’s some promising news coming out of Maine, too:

    According to the Portland Press Herald, “A bill that would allow Mainers to carry a concealed handgun without a permit moved a step closer to becoming law Monday when it cleared a key vote in the House of Representatives.”

    Interestingly, the legislation is backed by both Republicans and Democrats and would make Maine the seventh state in the nation to allow permitless concealed carry. The Governor (Paul LePage) is expected to sign the bill after it passes through the Legislature. to my ears!

    Good Guys: 2, Anti-Gunners: 0

    Last but not least, there has been some positive, pro-gun movement in Texas.

    The Statesman reports, “The House and Senate on Friday approved final changes to House Bill 910, allowing those with a concealed handgun license—soon to be known as handgun license—to openly wear a firearm in a hip or shoulder holster.”

    Considering Governor Greg Abbott’s reaction on Twitter (“Open Carry just passed in both the Texas House & Senate. Next destination: My Pen.”), I think it’s safe to assume the law will, indeed, take effect on January 1, 2016.

    Hats off to Texas and to Governor Abbott for their stance on recognizing the rights of responsibly armed Americans!

    Good Guys: 3, Anti-Gunners: 0

    And THAT, my friends, is what we call a pro-gun “hat trick.” :)
    Take Care and Stay Safe,


    Tim Schmidt
    Publisher - Concealed Carry Report
    USCCA Founder

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