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Printing and Exposing and transitioning legalities...

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Koda, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Koda

    Koda Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    Not the "exposing" your thinking of.... :rolleyes:

    So if Oregon is an "open carry" state except in Multnomah County and a few other towns where you have to have a CHL to open carry.

    While ago I read a thread somewhere about the legality of printing, which there really isn't any law governing it so print away as long as you have your CHL. Then I wondered about accidentally exposing or flashing of the firearm say if the wind blows your cover shirt open a bit, or if you bend over and the muzzle protrudes slightly from the bottom of the cover garment. Thinking about this I realize if you have a CHL then it doesn't matter because there are no laws governing the definition of "concealed" and even in places prohibiting open carry your covered there with your CHL.
    Another thought.... lets say you accidentally overdressed on a hot day and decided you just couldn't take it any more and switched or transitioned to open carrying. Technically legal.

    in my never ending quest to wrap my head around all the BS laws that don't affect criminals I cant find anything that says a CHL holder should worry about someone seeing their firearm however visible or not it is..... ?

    PS: Im curious about Washington too since I visit there regularly.
  2. 1337BaldEagle

    1337BaldEagle Earth Active Member

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    "because there are no laws governing the definition of "concealed""

    Your right. In Oregon, there is no definition for concealed as far as a requirement of the CHL. The Oregon CHL is really a license that allows for a list of exceptions and really isn't a CHL at all. All it does is exempt you from being able to be prosecuted/arrested for a list of crimes. For instance if you are on OSU property and you are open carrying as a CHL holder, you will never be arrested for "unlawful possession of a firearm." It is in fact illegal for an officer to arrest you for unlawful possession of a firearm if you have your valid CHL on your person. You may be arrested for armed trespass (bs, I know), but not unlawful possession of a firearm. There are a host of other laws that you are exempt from as well, ones like "shining artificial light out of a vehicle." Yes you read that correctly, your CHL in Oregon exempts you from being prosecuted for shining artificial light out of a vehicle. I still wouldn't advise doing it in certain situations like at night when your obviously coming back from hunting deer or say if you were to be pulled over by an officer. In any case Oregon is pretty gun friendly in respect to other states. That is not to say that we should stop striving for what I would call "ideal."

  3. Koda

    Koda Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    I go back and forth with what I think is "ideal". 20 years ago when I got my CHL I thought it was an ideal program... but then I realized that I had to apply for a permit to exercise a constitutional right. What really matters most here is how the CHL program affects criminals... it doesn't, so what good is it?
    I comply because I abide by the law but I'm leaning towards constitutional carry as what I think is ideal.
  4. rick benjamin

    rick benjamin USA, Or, Damascus Secure the drama Silver Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    "legality of printing" women do it every day, we really don't know for sure, do we?
    "accidental exposure" someone sees, calls, cop asks for your ID (have CC, yer golden)
    "places prohibiting open carry" asked to leave? Leave. Not asked? coverup and drink your coffee.
    "Revealing on a hot day" see "accidental" above.
    "a CHL holder worry about someone seeing their firearm however visible or not?" see "accidental" above.
    Identify the issue, reduce it.
  5. 223to45

    223to45 Whatcom Active Member

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    In WA none of it is a big deal