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    So some of us were talking in the chatbox about the different priming mixtures used by the US military as well as private ammunition companies over time. Here's a listing from some of my notes. This is mostly historical reference, but may give some people some insight as to exactly what happens in the primer; the sparkplug of the cartridge.

    Under no circumstances should you try to actually make priming compounds, sounds like a good way to lose body parts.

    Priming compounds
    Taken from "Chemical Analysis of Firearms and Gunshot Residue"
    By James Smyth Wallace
    Edition: illustrated
    Published by CRC Press, 2008
    ISBN 1420069667, 9781420069662
    291 pages

    Basic Lead Styphnate 40
    Barium Nitrate 42
    Antimony sulfide 11
    nitrocellulose 6
    tetracene 1

    1935 lead azide mixture:
    lead azide 12
    barium nitrate 23
    antimony sulfide 20
    calcium silicide 10
    lead dioxide 20
    lead thiocyanate 12

    30-40 Krag primer (H-48)
    Potassium Chlorate 49.6
    Antimony sulfide 25.1
    sulfur 8.7
    glass powder 16.6

    Frankford Arsenal FH-42 (WW1)
    Potassium Chlorate 47.2
    Antimony Sulfide 30.83
    Sulfur 21.97

    WRA 35-NF (FA-70)
    Potassium chlorate 53
    Antimony sulfide 17
    Lead thiocyanate 25
    TNT 5

    NRA (USCC .22 Rimfire)
    Potassium Chlorate 41.43
    Antimony Sulfide 9.53
    Copper Thiocyanate 4.70
    Ground Glass 44.23

    NCNM (early)
    Copper ammonium nitrate 30-40%
    Potassium Nitrate 42-25%
    Sulfur 10-7%
    Aluminum 18-28%

    1949 Patent
    Normal lead styphnate has one lead
    atom per formula unit, wheras the
    basic form has two.

    Basic Lead styphnate 40
    barium nitrate 42
    antimony sulfide 11
    nitrocellulose 6
    tetracene 1

    P-4 primer (FA675)

    stabilized read phosphorous 18
    Barium nitrate 82

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