Primers, Dies and Brass

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    Hey Guys,
    Just like my reloading equipment post I do not know much about this stuff. If I'm off please let me know. I'd prefer a local deal and a package deal so you know what your getting. Below I have a listed of items I wrote down. If you buy the whole lot from me I'll give you about double whats on the list of opened half used items such as new bullets and brass and some already shot brass too. I have a few containers of powder too, but unsure if theres a shelf life on this stuff? If you buy the package I'll give it all to you.

    Below is what I have:
    NIB (23 boxes) CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers
    NIB (10 boxes) CCI 500 small pistol primers
    NIB (4 boxes) CCI 350 large pistol Magnum Primers
    NIB Nosler 50 Partition Bullers CAL. 30 GR 180SP (will also include another open bag, about 3/4 full)
    NIB (2 bags) Nosler 100 Ballistic Tip Bullets CAL. 30 GR125BT
    NIB 100 Remington 30/06 Brass Nickel
    NIB 100 30/30 Remington WIN Brass

    Below are the dies, again I don't know much, some have all 3 pieces the box is meant for, some have 2 and some have 1?
    RCBS .454 Casull 3-Die Part #56582
    RCBS F L Die Set 270 WIN Part #13501
    RCBS S B Sizer .308 WIN Part #15531
    RCBS F L Die Set .308 WIN Part# 15501
    RCBS F L Die Set 30-06 IMP Part#43226
    RCBS S B Die Set 30-06 Part#14803

    I'd like to sell as a whole lot. This is my lost your gain. As I mentioned there will be a much more stuff included, just hard to inventory as its open used items. $300OBO takes whole lot.
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