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    PRICES Reduced. I'm selling my guns and gear to get a Walther PPS
    for carry, as my back now demands it.

    Will Deal a bit on the prices of these items.
    GLOCK Annuals.

    RARE out of print Glock Annuals for you.

    No longer available from Glock except maybe the 2010.

    All in superb shape.
    No marks or cuts..just tons of Glock pics and info.
    You won't find these any where else.
    FREE Team Glock patch, Glock key ring. G17 Key ring.
    Glock 21 SF pin.

    $30 plus $8 shipping.

    I accept money orders.

    ----------CZ factory Poster set of 5 posters!.
    CZ75B, All Pistols, All Pistols 2009, CZ P-01/PCR

    Also the new for 2010:
    The CZ Shooting Team (Europe)Awesome ********* Poster!
    Plus the original "All Pistols" poster that shows most CZ models.

    Now $50 Shipped/insured.
    Look at them here:
    75B, CZ83, CZ100, Kadet and (most) All CZs! NEW Poster for 2010!

    CZ75 P-07 Duty 9mm magazine.

    Fresh from the box.

    Free CZ-USA decal and CZUB pin, P-07 duty key ring.

    $40 shipped.


    Marschal Custom Grips- Micro Desert Eagle

    Wooden grips from Hungary, that are simply exquisite!
    should fit both the nickel and blued models of the MRE/ZVI
    KEVIN .380 pistol.
    Ask for more pics.
    $50 Shipped/Insured.
    Blade-Tech magazine/tactical light combo pouch.
    Fits double stack 9mm.357/40 mags like the 75B or SP-01.
    Will fit the P-07 duty with tension screw adjustment.
    NO Light or mag included.
    $40 shipped/insured
    ASK for more pics.

    A NEW Custom built badge by Blackington.
    (The best badge company in the business)
    Security Officer.
    7 point star design with State of Oregon center seal.
    Nickle rho-glo finish.
    Superb badge without the custom wait!
    $60 shipped/insured
    Ask about my other items for sale.
    CZ Magazine collection..,. the reading kind. $45 plus shipping.

    CZ and CZ-USA Catalog collection. $30 Plus shipping.

    Large collection of SWAT, Guns Weapons for LE. GUNS& AMMO, Shooting Times, ect. $

    Now $50 Plus shipping. 40 mags in one box, Ya!

    Ask for more pics.
    I also have some Ruger memorabilia sets on Gun Broker as well.

    (10) Ruger Firearms Decals. (2) Ruger Firearms Patches. (1) Ruger Pin (metal)

    have 3 sets left.

    Will sell them here for $23 shipped/insured per set..
    TAPCO AR-15 Carbine length
    INTRAFUSE tactical rail.

    Used it for a week before my back-ordered MI rail arrived.

    One tiny mark where the D R-ing slips on. Otherwise perfect.
    $40 shipped/insured.
    Ask for more pics.
    Set of 3 POLICE patches from Port Of Seattle Police.
    Never worn.
    $22 shipped/insured
    I accept money orders .
    No sales of over ten-shot magazines to restricted areas.

    Want more pics and have questions?
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