Prices Accurate? - Saiga 12

Never heard of them but if you google the name, there are three stores in the washington area. Each have reviews if that helps. I tried to look up the gun @ centerfiresystems as the they were 550 free shipping last I checked. The 12ga is about the only one I do not see listed on the website. Perhaps sold out? Worth a call though.
I have dealt with them a few times and have had nothing but pleasant results. There are a couple of guys that think pretty highly of their opinions but I see that in every gun shop. They are a little on the high side of prices but they have a buyer with really good connections so their product stock is usually better than everyone else.
They list their store locations here; <broken link removed>

Just give them a call to see if they have any in stock. Im curious if they do, as it offers members somewhere to get them without handing money to the price gougers.
I quit paying attention to Saiga 12's a long time ago (just not really that interested) but I noticed that they list the same model twice with a price difference of $300. The OP's linked to an RAA imported 19" Izhmash 12 gauge and follows is the Legion link. I can't imagine for a second that they're at all different guns. Perhaps they are, maybe someone can enlighten me.

<broken link removed>
How do I build this?

Is it possible to make the stock folding?
The stock parts are off the shelf parts. Check out forums for everything you will ever need to know about converting Saiga 12's. The Saiga you pictured is a Short Barrel NFA conversion with a shortened gas system which is more difficult to do as far as conversions and will require you to file Form 1 paperwork with the Feds before you complete it.
How do I build this?

Is it possible to make the stock folding?
Do the conversion (apparently you'll have to keep the barrel at 19" if SBS isn't allowed in WA).
You can have a folding stock if you want. You'll need to cut off of the rear tangs for the stock and install a rear trunion plate then you can use a folding stock. ACE stocks are a popular choice. Also Tromix makes one with an integrated 1" limbsaver which would be very nice on a S12 to keep your shoulder it's original color.
FWIW, I sold mine and bought a Remington 1100 with a 22" rifled barrel for the Remington accutip sabot slugs. Barrels change really easy so I also bought a used 22" smooth bore with rifle sights for it. It will hold 10 rounds with one in the chamber and a 4 shot mag extension. I couldn't be happier. Total investment just over $450.

I also have a Winchester 1300 pump with a 22" rifled barrel (same basic gun as the defender) and a 4 shot extension.

Then I also have the Defender. 7+1 IIRC.

I really don't get the Saiga thing, for the money.



Miller's Quarry Clean-Up
Miller's Quarry
Miller Rd, Mt Hood Village, OR 97067, USA
Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Oregon State Steel Challenge Championship
Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association
Millican, OR 97701, USA
DRRC .22 Rimfire Challenge Oct 10
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA


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