WTS OR Price Drop Colt Competition Pro CRP-18 $1500.

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Robert Lyden, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Colt Competition Pro CRP-18 "as new." First owner and it was purchased new less than two months ago. Sighted in Magpul metal flip up sights, Leopold AR Scope 4-12X Mil Dot, and Burris FastFire red dot sights, and so about 150 total round count. Here's the components and also their retail cost new:

    Colt Rife: $1799.
    Rear sight 99.
    Front sight 79.
    Leopold 445.
    Lens Covers 9.
    Mount 89.
    Sight 249.
    Case 40.
    and Mouts 98.

    So a bit over $2900. invested total.

    Asking $2500 for everything.

    Alternatively, $1500. for simply the rifle which has an 18" barrel, Geissele Trigger, hand adjustable gas block, and muzzle brake that reduces recoil for fast double taps in competition. For just the Burris Scope Mount and Leopold AR Scope 4-12X Mil Dot $400, and the Burris Red Dot Sight $200. All in "as new" condition. Coltcounter.JPG Coltcounter.JPG coltclose.JPG
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