WTS/WTT WA *price change* ptr91 package

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bakersman345, Mar 25, 2016.

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    New cash price $1150 plus transfer trade price 1600-1800. We can work a fair deal.

    I have a ptr-91 308 battle rifle id like trade or sell. It comes with...
    7 mags -3 steel 4 alum
    Utg tri rail
    100 rounds of ammo
    Single point sling
    Claw mount
    Redfeild battle zone 3-9x42 tac-moa scope
    Factory handguard
    Versa mod 52 9-12 all steel bi-pod
    Versa rail mount
    There's a little over $1800 In the package.
    Cash $1150
    Trade $1800. We can take some things off the package of you have a trade thays less - or I can add cash to a higher value trade.

    VANCOUVER AREA ONLY (Possibly meet in kelso for the right deal) PLEASE LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER AND A LOCATION.
    Quality 1911's - id love a 9mm
    Ptr-32 (7.62x39)
    Ak 47
    9mm ar-15
    Glocks in 9mm (17,19,34,43)
    Snub nosed revolvers
    Mosin nagant (worth 150 to me)
    Sks (worth no more them 350 to me)
    Will trade for gold or silver at spot price no rings, necklaces, etc
    Maybe trade for a car or truck.
    I'll trade for i-pads, iPhone(no sprint), ps4, Xbox one, at used resell price not new.

    20160315_204542.jpg 20160315_204844.jpg
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