Prepare/Defense for the effects of Radiation

I'm an old Cold War vet (79-03) and we called this discipline Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Defense, but I believe it falls under "force protection" these days; some of today's warriors will have to chime-in with the modern lingo.

NBC is "near & dear" to my heart; I spent many-many hours wearing chemical suits & masks during my time in the service; especially when I was in Korea and in Europe before the wall fell. A major facet of a Soviet attack into Germany would have been the preemptive use of Non Persistent Nerve agents, and much of our time was spent on our ability to fight & win in a chemical environment and conduct the detoxification (decon) procedures.

Also, I believe the group of soldiers I was with were unsuspecting test-subjects while we were "doing things" at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah in the late 80s. More on that in my future posts.

My submittal are unclassified; I'm retired, I'm not selling these products.

Please correct me/my posts if I make a faux pas.

Introducing this information may help a few people survive a major event and even thrive with what is already coming at us.

Over the next couple weeks, I will try to upload everything I have and whatever links I can find.

My favorite place to get information is KI4U: Potassium Iodide Pills Anti-Radiation Pill & Nuclear Emergency FAQ. Radiation Detectors, Meters, Geiger Counters & Potassium Iodine Iodate pills

Read "winds from afar" if you haven't already.

My second place for deep searches is the Department of Energy (DOE) Information Bridge. Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information - Basic Search

Third place: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The two most important items you can obtain are potassium iodide (KI) and a rad-exposure stamp. The KI should only be taken when directed by the authorities unless you have specific information directing otherwise. KI fills the thyroid glands with iodine so there is no room for the bad iodine(s) "131".

People in their 50s and beyond really don't need KI because their/our thyroids are already clobbered, it's too late, we are on borrowed time my friends....:drink:

KI comes in pill form and powder that mixes with water. The rad stamps go in your freezer for storage; they will last up to 10 years there. The stamps are pinned to your collar so the first-responders can see your exposure rate.
Potassium Iodide Pills Anti-Radiation Pill & Nuclear Emergency FAQ. Radiation Detectors, Meters, Geiger Counters & Potassium Iodine Iodate pills

A lot of radiation poisoning information is related to an Xray; the number of Xrays that can be/are harmful to you.
See attachment.

The other information I will try to muster is centered on getting the heavy metals out of your body (chelation therapy). We used to push magnets into the cow's digestive system in order to collect metal bailing wires.

We humans collect heavy-metals in our systems too but cow magnets won't work.

There are several OTC products on the market that when taken properly will attract the heavy metals in your system like a magnet, and allow you to pass these metals through your waste. Some are so powerful, they can make your mercury fillings come loose, so it is important to follow the instructions and check with your primary care professional before doing this.

The last topic on this first post is to encourage people to buy the brand new $19.00 military gas-masks sold at your favorite surplus stores; I get mine at BudK. You can't go wrong, once you get it fitted properly, it goes in a safe place.

Shooting is a riot with a gas mask, if you've never tried it, you will see. Sleeping with your mask on is also important to practice because there isn't enough time to wake up and put on your mask. There are lots of intermediate tasks the vets, LEOs and fire-fighters in this forum can help people-with; drinking, clearing, fitting and maintenance. It takes practice to survive.

The government has the power to take control of civilian companies during a national emergency (hell, all the time now) as provided for in the infamous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). When Fukushima Daiichi blew, the government took control of the KI sales without telling the public; I already had the dosage for my children & grandchildren, so don't wait on the KI because we were only 25 xrays away from needing the KI. It was in our milk and is still showing up in Tuna.

More to follow:

That is way, way down on my prep/threat list but I do keep Potassium Iodide pills at home and in my car kit. The fact that Israeli citizens are required by law to have them on hand pushed me over the edge.

The only other thing is finding as much cover in the basement - stacking all sorts of things above you, and make like a hibernating bear for a couple weeks and miss out on as much initial exposure as possible. A two-week 'time out' of sorts. Man, that alone would be a hard thing to do. But if you roam around, especially outside, you'll be a 'foaming.'

Like I said though, very low risk. TPTB would love to turn nukes loose to rid the world of us useless eaters, or cause fallout by other means, but they also want a clean, pure Earth for themselves so it won't happen. Same with a man-made EMP. They have too much invested in creating a surveillance society to flush it all away. What will wipe most of us away will be a lot more basic and simple: starvation.

That is why I could never make it past episode #1 of Doomsday Preppers; just a smear job and a stupid show.
Nice informative post.

Some additional suggestions are:

Clinoptilolite - A unique Zeolite that has strong detox properties ... especially effective against radiation. Used by the Russians on Children and livestock after Chernobyl. Also actually works to detox after hangovers.
Available on Ebay. (This with other ingredients might be effective against forced toxic inoculations.)

EDTA - Oral Chelation. Several benefits aside from removing heavy metal poisoning. (Clears arteries out when used with other proper ingredients.) Amermed calls it a Detox Formula.

Current mil nomenclature refers to NBC as MOPP... Mission Oriented Protective Posture (NBC just fits under this broader term).

However, when it comes to talking specifically about radioactive hazards information is your friend... that said:

KI (Potassium Iodide) protects your thyroid and body from intrusion of two common fission/fusion products from nuclear weapons... Potassium 40 (common in nature, but too much can be a bad thing), Cesium 137 (A potassium analog), and Iodine 131 (like you mentioned).

Cs-137 can be either displaced by K-38 (the normal isotope), or it can be removed from your system with Prussian Blue, this is also effective for treating other types of heavy metal poisoning:

Prussian blue's ability to incorporate monocations makes it useful as a sequestering agent for certain heavy metal poisons. Pharmaceutical-grade Prussian blue in particular is used for patients who have ingested thallium or radioactive caesium. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, an adult male can eat at least 10 grams of Prussian blue per day without serious harm. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that the "500 mg Prussian blue capsules, when manufactured under the conditions of an approved New Drug Application (NDA), can be found safe and effective therapy" in certain poisoning cases.[19] Radiogardase (Prussian blue in soluble capsules [20]) is a commercial product for the removal of caesium-137 from the intestine and so indirectly from the bloodstream by intervening in the enterohepatic circulation of caesium-137,[21] reducing the internal residency time (and exposure) by about two-thirds.
That said, when it comes to radiation and it's deleterious heath effects and the methods used to counteract that damage depend on the type of radiation. When talking about nuclear fallout, and the ionizing radiation it gives off, they generally fall into a few categories which can require different methods of detection and protection.

The three principle types are alpha, beta and gamma, however x-ray and neutron can also be encountered, as X-ray is a less energetic form of gamma, protection and detection fall into the same category.

Alpha particles are essentially an helium nucleus sans electrons, while they can be easily blocked fallout that emits alpha radiation can be very dangerous if inhaled or if contaminated food or water are consumed. A few sheets of paper will block alpha. So will several layers of clothing.

Beta particles are the opposite of alpha... they are the electrons, they are also easy to block, a few layers of tinfoil will block them. However they can cause very serious burns to the skin and cataracts in the eyes.

Exposure to both of these can be treated with fine particulate masks, heavy clothing. The most essential part of protecting against these types of radiation are keeping radioactive fallout from contaminating the inside of the person. After exposure removing contaminated clothing and then taking a cold shower (hot showers open your pores and may allow contamination inside the body).

Alpha and beta particles are both detected by conventional geiger tubes, alpha because it tends not to penetrate very well is sometimes difficult to detect, there are specialist alpha detecting probes which use a mica window allowing in more alpha radiation. CDV-700 geiger counters also have a shield which will block alpha if you are trying to evaluate if something is contaminated by an alpha or beta emitting daughter product (fallout).

Gamma and X-ray radiation is a higher energy form of light (that is, composed of photons moving at high frequency and light speed) Only materials of high density are capable of blocking gamma (lead). These types of radiation can be detected with the CDV-715 and CDV-717 survey meters (ion chamber type). Getting away from sources of gamma and to shelter is highly recommended.

Note: Low range meters such as the CDV-700 (max measurable radiation ~5rad/hr) have a tendency to saturate... that is in high flux (radiation) environments the meter will essentially register zero radiation, this is where the ion chamber meters come in (CDV-715/717) where the base measurement for these is effectively 5rad/hr) So if you have a CDV715/717 and it starts measuring stuff, it's a good idea to GTFO.

Neutron radiation is difficult to protect against, and it's also nearly impossible to detect without a special device called a scintillator which is a crystal made of a somewhat exotic salt (sodium iodide is common) that when it interacts with neutrons it lights up, and a photo-multiplier tube sees this and registers the radiation.

However, the threat posed by neutron radiation stems from it's ability to activate normal everyday materials to make them radioactive. Interestingly, materials with a high carbon and hydrogen content (plastics) do a good job of blocking neutrons, or lowering their energies enough that they may be captured by other shield materials.

The rules of thumb when it come to dealing with radiation...

After a nuclear explosion, the area that's within the fallout zone will have a 10 fold decrease in radiation for a 7 fold increase in time. Thus, if you measure 100 rad/hr 7 hours later it should be 10 rad/hr and 7 hours after that it should be 1rad/hr.

Exposure to ionizing radiation is commonly measured in either Rems (roentgen equivalent Man) or in Sieverts (Sv), 1 Sv = 100 rem. In the past, 4.5-6 Sv has shown to be fatal in every cases. The area of highest radiation from the fallout of the trinity test measured .19 Sv/hr (that means you would reach a fatal dose of 4.5 Sv in about 24 hours at that exposure level). Exposure over 1 Sv in a short period <24hr is likely to cause radiation poisoning and may cause death.

If you have been exposed to >6 Sv, you will likely survive for days or weeks in gut wrenching agony as your body chemically breaks down. However, if you get a dose over 30 Sv, your death may only take hours to days.
Might be the branch of service you're in that decides how you place the initials? Still same meanings. As an auxiliary duty i was a CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) decontamination instructor down in Coronado. Trained over 600 reservists biannually + my unit. Wonder if dorner was ever one of the reservists.
Thanks for all the contributions folks, I'm still working on getting my links in order; I found this link in my files and checked it tonight, while not the "cat's meow" of the real-time info I had access to when I was in the service, its pretty good for our uses.

ESRL Global Monitoring Division - Data Visualization

The next 2 leads I'm gathering info on are the measures we take when/if the radiation strips away our immune systems as it passes through us and,

Rifle & Pistol marksmanship while wearing a pro-mask & gloves Day & Night; I don't want to wing it.

More to follow:
It's worth noting, you don't need a full NBC mask to defend against radioactive particles and dust.

Something like this: 3M 5000 Reusable Respirators in Stock - ULINE is sufficient for protecting against dust.

In high flux environments (meaning anywhere with lots of radiation) it's a better idea to GTFO than it is to worry about some kind of hasty protection. The reality is if you're getting 100mSv/hr it's time to go. Unless there's a nearby shelter that can be used, you're better off evacuating. (be sure you're moving at a 90deg angle to the direction of the wind)

I think the more important factor is detection equipment to make sure you are not getting hit with enough radiation to damage your immune system.


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