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    The time has come to sell/trade my entire paintball setup. I would prefer to trade for a firearm, but am open to offers as well.

    This has all been adult owned and operated. Most everything is in like new condition.

    I know this stuff hasn't held its value very well. The gun alone sold for $1200 in 2005. Now its worth $200 or so. I know I won't get near what it is worth to me, but would like to expand my firearm collection. I also don't need to sell. I am not desperate and I will not sell the package for some ridiculous price.

    Like I said, I would prefer to trade and work a deal that both parties are happy with.

    But because I listed as WTS/WTT, I know I need a price. I will say $500.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Pics available upon request.

    Here is a list of what I am offering:

    ’05 Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun w/upgrades
    Comes in original box and aluminum case
    Manual and stock parts
    Kila Detents
    CP (Custom Products) shorty regulator
    Nexus Bolt
    Star Trigger
    Upgraded board (includes 3 other boards including stock)
    Black out screw kit
    Ego barrel sock
    Spare parts – including O-rings, screws, etc
    Halo Hopper – belt drive, rip drive

    Scuba Tank w/fill station

    1) Pure Energy fiber wrapped HPA 68cu 4500psi w/ DYE Rhino tank cover
    2) Steel 47 cu 3000psi w/ DYE Rhino tank cover

    Empire Flex Vents
    2 visors
    camo strap
    4 thermal lens (anti fog) w/ lens sleeves – clear,yellow,smoke, & mirror

    Dye C7 – I think these are C7. They are new or barely used:
    Pants – Olive – Large
    Jersey – 2 qty – Olive XL, Olive Skull Camo XXL (for a total of 3 jerseys)
    Good condition:
    DYE ’04:
    Pants – blue – Large
    Jerseys: red XL, blue XL
    NIP – C4 Gloves XL – black
    NIP – C$ Gloves Large – red
    DYE gloves – cut fingers – Large black (two pair)
    Assorted camo tops/bottoms, gloves, hat
    Shin guards
    Knee pads
    DYE Knee pads
    DYE Elbow pads
    DYE Battle Pack pod carrier
    DYE pod pack
    NXe 2 pod pack
    PMI 3 pod pack
    Planet Eclipse sandana – grey/black
    DYE sandana – camo/black
    Core chest/back protector
    FLURRY Industries Vest – Camo
    7 Misc pods
    5 DYE pods w/spring lid
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