Precious Metals at the Will Call window?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TAT2D, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Does anyone know of a place in Portland, preferably on the west side, for walk-in silver and gold sales? I'm familiar with but thought, for small quantities the S&H charges would stack up, whereas if there was somewhere that sold over the counter, I could save some of that.

    Coin shops would be the obvious suggestion. If you buy 'junk silver coins' does that imply that you're paying pretty much just for the silver and not any nuministic value? Closer to the spot price?

    Is APMEX as good a deal with their S&H as any local place with their (higher?) premium over spot?

    (And yes, I realize US silver coins are 90% silver whereas the refined bars/ingots/etc are .999 (99.9%) silver; will be sure to figure that in when noodling the calculations.)

    According to my little ticker Gold is down > $25 today (mid-day, 20jan) and silver is down 87c per oz.


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