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Since I was thinking about it......

You're in Washington. So.....yeah. There are special laws/requirements that apply to the purchaser of a "semiautomatic assault rifle".

OK, Ok, ok....I can see why you or anyone else might want a bolt rifle (under those circumstances).

Aloha, Mark
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My model 700 Marlin (same action but fed from a detachable 7 Rd mag) has never disappointed in the approx 40 years I've had it. Never shot the more recent version (795?) . I do wish there was a better trigger available.

I have a 795 (I think it's a 795, model 60 but mag fed?), dead nuts reliable.

My Volquartsen-trigger-tuned 10/22 chokes on everything and can't hit the broad side of a barn (from the inside).

Yes, I've ran it wet, I've ran it dry, I've even dry-lubed the dog bubblegum out of it. And don't start me on the BX-25 mags...

Ruger, the 10/22 is bubblegum, stop selling us idiots total garbage!

i saw a beautiful old remington take down 22 at capitol pawn in albany i don't remember the model but it looked like a browning automatic. chambered in 22 short. it had tube mag and the loading port in the stock . price was in the $450. range
If you can find a 513S (sporter), they are the top of the 500-series line. My brother bought one 60 years ago, and will never part with it.
I shot a friend's 513S a long while ...and even though I knew the "S" was for worked for Sweet as well....:D
I used to have a 521 that was a very nice almost 513.
Late to the game as usual.


The Ruger 10/22 sucks, there I said it.

Buy a Marlin model 60, hit what you're aiming at, have it work through an entire brick of cheap bubblegum, be happy.

My experience exactly with these two guns. The difference in accuracy was unexpected.
I concur.
My first 10-22 was super picky about what ammo it fed and was not very accurate. I don't remember much about the 2nd one. I shot it so little in the time frame I owned it.
Compare to my Marlin 81DL, oh, wait! There is no comparison in accuracy between the two Rugers and the Marlin.
It does kind of pain me, because I normally hold Ruger firearms in high regard.

Marlin accuracy.jpg 81DL d.JPG
The 10/22 is a great rifle, because it is so easy to replace al the parts with good ones!

I think it has to be better than my experience. They sold in very high numbers for a long time before the aftermarket suppliers started offering all of the pieces to build your own.
Mom and Dad (mostly Dad) bought my nephew a plastic stocked carbine many years ago. He's not much for firearms maintenance and shoots the heck out of his with bulk ammo. The first firearm that kid shot was the same Marlin I'm so proud of. He'd much rather have his 10-22. :s0125:
I like walnut and steel 22 rifles.I have….
Remington 33
Remington 34
Remington 341p
Remington 510,511,512,514,521,572
Glenfield 25
Winchester 67,67a boys rifle
Might have missed a few
My twin 511s. Bottom was my Dad's 10th birthday gift, dated about 1942. Top was purchased from one of our esteemed NWFA members and dated about 1953. It has since been drilled & tapped with a Simmons 1.5-6x (also purchased from NWFA classified) mounted for these aging eyeballs.
Haven't had it to the range yet, but I have high expectations! I don't think it gets much prettier, or functional, than that.


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