"pre ban" configuration and what it means...

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Barefoot343, Oct 1, 2011.

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    1. if somebody is selling something "pre ban" can anybody still buy it legally?
    2. are you allowed to have items that are banned? who bans the items? (ATF? FBI? GOV in general? all the above?)

    3. what happens if you have a shotgun that gets banned tomorrow? are you still
    allowed to own it or do you have to "self report" which seems stupid to me.

    I know its a lot of ???'s but I am curious
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    1. Anyone living in a state that does not ban that item can own it
    2. See part one.
    3. That can not be answered because no one knows that wording of the ban.

    "Pre ban" normally refers to the 1994 AWB that on a Federal level in 2004. There are a few states that bans that did not expire that are very similar if not the same wording as the Federal ban.

    There have been many bans that have major effects on gun laws:
    1934 NFA
    1968 GCA
    1986 FOAP
    1989 Ban on Non Sporting firearms
    1994 AWB
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    I beleive there are several East Coast states with high cap mag bans...so in order to have high cap mags they must be "pre ban" manufactured prior to 9/2004. Some states still have State Laws on the books that ran parallel to the 1994 AWB banning collapsible stocks, flash suppressors and bayonet lugs which were ban features, these states would have to purchase "post ban" items.

    California has their Assault weapons ban, based on features and they were allowed to register their firearms with the state and keep them.
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    In general, although some states in essence do indeed still have the 1994 and 2004 laws on the books, nationwide the vast majority of rifles called 'preban' are those imported prior to July 1989. This is where '922r' comes from.


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