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    The Practical Handgun course is the third in the sequence of handgun instruction at SafeFire. It builds upon the skills found in the Basic Handgun course and your own personal experience. Our Practical Handgun course focuses on the more complex movements required in defensive shooting. The class is 8 hours, includes classroom work, hands-on dry-fire practice, and live-fire drills.
    Requirement: Have successfully completely the Basic Handgun course or have equivalent experience that is approved by a SafeFire Instructor.

    If you want to attend this class we have one scheduled for August 21st. This class requires that you be there from 8am to 4pm.

    Required gear:
    • Duty-grade semi-auto handgun (9mm mid-size or larger)
    • Strong outside the waistband holster for handgun
    • 3 magazines & spare magazine carrier
    • Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition
    • Eye protection
    • Ear protection (electronic preferred)
    Sign up by calling the store at 360-834-7233
    Sign up online at:
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