PPB Tonight "Good Job" Earned some of my respect "Thats Hard To Do"

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    Well, first time I have ever seen a PPB officer in this case 2 officers handle themselves with restraint and be humans..

    Outside the bar a couple early to mid 20's male subjects were hanging out being a nuisance "drunk" on the side walk drinking etc. Not being polite to the strippers that were out smoking overall being disorderly.

    The cops were watching them for some time eventually during one of my smokes the cops lit them up... when approached by the officers "when they were explaining why they were being stopped" they start walking away at a brisk paced "wrong thing to do" I even thought I would see a chase go down, the officers handled the situation from then on as an attempted runner but never lost their cool or drawing a firearm and were respectful to the subjects warning them if they keep going and not stop etc they will be arrested for trying to flee.

    They stopped and were detained "not hand cuffed" amazing never seen a PPB officer act like that. The officer explained to them its not a good idea ever to run or attempt to walk away from an officer when approached and did a quick pat down did not search pockets or anything.

    They ran their id's one came back with a warrant they were very polite to the subject explained every detail gave him a few options and placed him in cuffs.

    He asked if he could make a phone call.. now this is going above and beyond PPB officers... they walked him across the street to the 7-11's pay phone put and let him make a call before another car arrived to take him in well that officer was not so nice to the guy verbally, rude and was really authoritarian, usual PPB officer.

    I also had my camera phone on record mode to try and capture this but video was dark and almost no audio... they did not even give me a second look for videotaping unusual.

    They warned the guy drinking the beer "Reason why they were stopped" not to be doing that on the sidewalk told him he needs to go home and sober up they let him hug his brother that was now in cuffs and released him "they never placed him in cuffs".

    Wish I would have got the officers names they need to be used as an example to other PPB officers on conduct.

    This incident has changed my opinion about some of the officers in the PPB they could have arrested the guy drinking the beer and being drunk in public but it was a victimless crime and they did not act on it like most police would have to collect the extra revenue way to go again officers! These officers know right from wrong.

    If the video was clear and had audio "it was dark out and I was across the street" I would up it to youtube!
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    Sounds like a job well done...

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