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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by John Gault, May 19, 2014.

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    Just thought I'd post something I've been learning.......

    Have an older model RCBS powder measure (without the QC) that's been loaned to me by family. Thought I was missing a piece for the "small" powder measuring cylinder so I've been using the "large" powder measuring cylinder for pistol and rifle loads.

    Finally found the "missing" piece and what a difference it makes to have the small measuring wheel in place for small bore handgun loading. Loaded 100 rounds for wives .380 tonight and found it very very accurate and without the "grainy" hiccup/stops I got when using the large cylinder for small charges on my 4.6 gr. 9mm loads. Wife's .380 charge of: 2.8 grains powder.

    The other lesson that I learned though is that as you cycle up and down, up and down (clang, clang) the measure screw will loosen if not tightened fairly snugly from the get go which will cause obvious problems. Luckily I checked every 10th round on the scale for this load and found this out pretty quickly.

    I've put every 9mm round thus far from powder charger to scale to case for confirmation. Can't wait for next round......
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    I got a pistol rotor for my Hornady powder measure recently, it does make a huge difference in consistency and it is much easier to make small adjustments without overshooting your desired weight.
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    i too have an old rcbs uniflow. love it bit after reading this i am pretty sure it has the large rotor in it. when i get down to 2.9-3.5 grains (38 special loaded with bullseye) it hangs up intermittantly and gets a grainy feeling for a few cycles. although, ive never had a problem with accuracy or consistancy, it bugs me to know it could run smoother! ha ha! i am glad someone shed some light on this before i went and bought a new one. looks like im going to buy a small rotor instead. thanks!
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    The right tool for the job is always a good thing.

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