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    For sale or trade until 6/15/13 or gone:

    1. One pound jug of IMR 8028 XBR smokeless powder lot# 4963 packaged as 1 one pound on 02/21/2012. Loading info can be found online at the Hodgon website and this powder is now listed in the current version of Quickload. It’s not just for BR shooters anymore.
    $32.00 OBO

    2. One box of 1000 Remington 7-1/2 small rifle primers benchrest grade lot # 576. These work fine for non BR applications, they have just been inspected more closely and held to tighter tolerances than standard grade primers.
    $40.00 OBO

    Will consider partial trade for new in bag/box Starline, Federal, or Winchester pistol brass in 9mm and/or .357 magnum calibers or Lapua 6BR Norma rifle brass NIB. Can be picked up at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol club Littlerock, WA or Centralia Rifle club Centrailia, WA, most any morning. It would be nice to sell both items together, but not nice enough to do it cheaper………These prices are what I figure I paid including shipping, hazmant and tax, etc….The components work just fine but are not the most preferred for my rifles.

    E-mail amamnn@copper.net
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