Postponed til May - Rainer Ballistic Bullets - Group Buy!!

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by Bladesandbarrels, Nov 12, 2012.

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    UPDATE - 2-12-2013

    Hey guys,

    So, good news and bad news....

    The good - After numerous contact attempts I was finally able to get a hold of them.

    The bad - orders will not process until May.

    Currently they have several million bullets on back order and they are trying to keep up with the escalated demand. As I was talking with them, they were processing over a million bullets to one of their major distributors. They will have bullets again for another group buy but that will not be until May.

    The last few group buys that I organized went quite smoothly as some of you on here can remember. If all goes well and this buying frenzy passes, I'm hoping to organize another group buy in May.

    I will check in with them periodically and, if bullets become available prior to May, I will initiate another buy. Til then, I'm hoping that all of us are able to find the components that we need.

    Sorry I couldn't help out, guys...although I didn't have any bullets on order for myself, I'm disappointed that I couldn't help you guys out.


    UPDATE 1/7/2013

    To those participating, the order has been forwarded to Rainier Ballistics and am waiting confirmation and pick up date. I will start collecting payments once I receive a response back from them.

    Again, payment will be due PRIOR to picking up bullets (Paypal, USPS Money Order, Cash in person) or I will not be able to pick up your order.

    In the next day or two, I will also PM individually those that ordered to follow up. Feel free to do the same.


    Original post:

    Hey all,


    It's been a while since I've put together a group buy so I figured I'd go ahead put together another one to get you folks some more bullets!

    Prices are still the same but may change soon so don't miss out! Also, due to recent demand for bullets, some calibers may be temporarily out of stock. Once you send me your needs, I'll confirm with RB to make sure they are available.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Rainier Ballistics, they are a local bullet manufacturer located in Tacoma, WA. They do not usually deal directly with the public but their bullets can be found nationwide at numerous sporting stores. All of their bullets are leadsafe, total copper plated which reduce lead vapors by as much as 95%.

    Here's the link to their website:

    Rainier Ballistics, LLC | Welcome

    We are expecting to place the order in the next couple of weeks so PM me if you are interested. I am located in Seattle but attend pistol/rifle matches from Custer to Kitsap. Shipping can also be arranged (USPS flat rate only).

    Here's the current price list with taxes included. These prices are directly from Rainier (+/- a penny for averaging tax) without any markup. You will not find these prices in stores...

    Rainier Ballistics Price Sheets (Tax included at 9.3%), Per 1,000 as of 2-13-2012
    30 Carbine TCJ (.308)
    110 gr RN 79.36

    32 H&R Magnum TCJ (.312)
    100 gr FP 80.45
    100 gr HP 84.17

    380 Auto TCJ (.355)
    100 gr RN 78.26

    9 mm TCJ (.355)
    115 gr RN 76.95
    115 gr HP 80.92
    124 gr FP 78.52
    124 gr RN 78.52
    124 gr HP 85.61
    147 gr TRN 93.78
    147 gr HP 101.24

    38 Super TCJ (.356)
    120 gr RN 90.66
    130 gr RN 90.18
    151 gr RN 101.00

    38 Caliber TCJ (.357)
    125 gr FP 85.97
    125 gr HP 90.78
    148 gr DEWC 94.09
    158 gr FP 95.35
    158 gr RN 95.35
    158 gr HP 103.88

    40 Caliber / 10 mm TCJ (.400)
    135 gr FP 105.15
    155 gr FP 108.21
    165 gr FP 112.66
    165 gr RNFP 112.66
    165 gr HP 120.60
    180 gr FP 115.06
    180 gr RNFP 115.06
    180 gr HP 124.20

    44 Caliber TCJ (.429)
    200 gr FP 127.15
    240 gr FP 141.40
    240 gr HP 151.13

    45 Calbier TCJ (.451)
    185 gr FP 119.63
    185 gr HP 130.16
    200 gr RN 121.68
    200 gr SWC 121.68
    200 gr FP 121.68
    200 gr HP 132.26
    230 gr RN 125.77
    230 gr HP 136.35

    45 Caliber Long Colt TCJ (.451)
    250 gr FP 144.11
    300 gr FP 148.38
    300 gr HP 151.11

    45-70 Govt TCJ (.458)
    350 gr FP 209.93
    405 gr FP 217.50

    480 Ruger TCJ (.475)
    328 gr HP 214.01

    50 Caliber TCJ (.500)
    275 gr FP 158.95
    275 gr HP 166.04
    300 gr FP 170.37
    300 gr HP 176.98
    335 gr FP 206.92
    335 gr HP 214.25
    400 gr FP 216.66

    Note: The above prices are subject to change at any time.

    Pricing for bullets packaged in 500 packs add $1.50 to 1000 pack pricing and divide by 2 to get the correct pricing.

    Legend: RN=Round Nose. FP=Flat Point. HP=Hollow Point.
    SWC=Semi-Wad cutter. TRN=Truncated Round Nose. RNFP=Round Nose Flat Point.

    Personally, I've shot over 50,000 of these through numerous pistols and have never had any problems with them. Great chance to support a local business while getting some great bullets!

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    Bump! Order goes out tomorrow!
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    just wish you didn't have to charge sales tax for us Oregon residents, it takes away the "good deal" part :(
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    Just saw this and am too low on cash at the moment...grrr
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