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    Posted in wrong section please delete. Sorry!

    I do not want to split Package 1 or 2 at this time but will entertain all offers for complete packages.

    Package #1
    $50 - RCBS Partner Press With Lee Universal DeCap Die, and with primer arm assembly(still in bag) in GREAT shape, I only used it for removing primers from rifle rounds and some 45acp. Has Box and 5 misc shell holders (9mm 45acp .308 45/70 and others I am sure)

    $70 - RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure Never Opened Brand new in Box, Bought it with great plans those plans never happened, Also comes with a like new RCBS powder measure Stand.

    $50 - RCBS Universal Hand Priming tool (no shell holders needed) for all cases from 32acp to 45/75. Used for less then a hundred rounds primed total. Basically New with Box

    (someone wants the hand primer, powder measure, and partner press I will all three to the same person for free for the asking price of $170)

    Package #2
    $25 - Hornady New Demensions 45/70 Dies, Used but I never used them look completely functional and in good shape, comes with shell holder for 45/70

    $50 - 250+ Lead 45/70 projectiles. 50 are 350 grain, 100 are 500grain, and 100+ are 500grain with Gas checks.

    $10 - Approx 500 Hornady 45 Cal Gas Checks

    $10 - .457 Sizing Die (lee)

    $10 - .457 2-Cavity Lee Mold

    (buy the 45/70 dies, projectiles, gas checks, size die, bullet molds For asking price of $105 and I will ship for free)

    Individual Items
    $20 - New Unopened Pound of H4198
    $30 - Brick of Large Rifle Primers(spf)

    Questions? Answers I can provide! Just let me know!
    Preference given to someone wanting all the 45/70 stuff over individual lots.

    Thanks For Looking!
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