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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by yskippy, Aug 18, 2013.

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    What's a 'DOH!!! moment? It's that instant you realize you were doing, or saying something incredibly stupid and you should have known better (See: Simpson, Homer). Here is mine from this weekend:

    I had just finished installing a CMC Drop-in trigger into one of my AR lowers. This is the third time I've changed out triggers on my different AR lowers, so I was VERY confident I knew what I was doing. I put everything back together, finished torquing down the pistol grip and went to check everything out.

    Cock the hammer - Check
    Safety on - Check
    Hammer Doesn't fall -Check

    Cock the hammer - Check
    Selector switch to fire - Check
    Hammer Falls - Check (of course I was holding it)

    Cock the hammer again - move the selector back to Safe....and....WTF??
    The selector switch does a complete 360. Ummmm....that's not I figure the detent spring/pin are misaligned (or fell out) so I loosen the pistol grip. Nope Everything is where it should be. So I carefully re-torque everything and try again....Safety - Check: Fire - Check: but the selector switch is still just turning and turning.

    Of course being the smart trouble shooter that I am, I repeated the EXACT same process 2 more times (with the exact same results...big shocker there). Finally I decide to walk away for a little bit before I wedge my nice new lower into the drywall of my garage.

    It was still bugging me when I went to bed last night, but I thought a good night's sleep might clear my head. Then at 4:00 this morning it hit me.....I had put the safety in the wrong way....instead of the selector switch being on the left side of the lower....I had it on the right..........


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    When I said, "I do" over thirty two years ago now.
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