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Post your ARs (Expected to be Pic heavy)

New member of my firearm family.

.300 Blackout pistol
Anderson upper and lower
Kak shockwave blade
10.5in BCA stainless steel heavy barrel
Dagger Defense DDHB red dot
YHM gas block
Trinity Force mlok handguard
And this bad@$$ flash hider from helius tactical
Actually, in that case.......... NO, it didn't. After the same model was shipped to me from the Netherlands, I was a real time observer minus the stop photography.
Please keep posts in this thread to guns actually owned, not pics off the net. Thank you.
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I figured I might as well jump in with a build I just finished. I've got a few AR's but wanted a 3 gun style rifle so I've been collecting parts over the last several months. I didn't use the most expensive parts but I used what I thought made sense, would be reliable, and gave good bang for the buck. I know some don't like the Spike's roll mark, but, I don't mind them and this build started because I got the upper and lower for what I would have paid for an Aero. Here's the build.


Spike's Tactical upper
Ballistic Advantage 16" Stainless Steel fluted barrel w/ .223 Wylde chamber, 1:8 twist, mid-length gas
Aero Precision gas block
Strike Industries J Comp Gen 2 muzzle device
Spike's nitrided gas tube
Brownell's nitrided full auto BCG
Radian Raptor LT charging handle
SMOS 15" full float M-Lok handguard
Magpul M-Lok AFG foregrip
Warne Tactical X-Skel optic mount
Vortex StrikeEagle 1-8


Spike's Tactical Crusader lower
LaRue MBT 2S trigger
JP Enterprises silent captured buffer spring
Spike's buffer tube
Spike's light weight castle nut
Spike's end plate
B5 SOPMOD stock
Magpul grip
KNS anti-walk pins
Phase 5 EBR V2 lever/bolt catch/release
Seekins Precision ambi-selector
Strike Industries ultralight takedown and pivot pins
Strike Industries mag release
cheap LPK (for springs and detents)
Blue Force Gear sling

All in all I'm happy with it. I have 50 rounds through it so far and it is a tack driver. I'm looking forward to getting some more ammo through it and then shooting some practical rifle comps with it. It'll probably do duty as a coyote/varmint gun as well.
Rifle 02.jpg

Rifle 03.jpg

Rifle 04.jpg

Rifle 08.jpg


A couple of my AR's. Top is a Rock River 5.56 chrome lined 16" upper with Sun Devil billet lower. Bottom is Aero Precision M4E1 upper/lower with 11.5" DSG Arms 223 Wylde barrel.

Just last week finished the Mega Arms 300 Blackout build.




In pictures is; Mega 300BLK, Ruger American Ranch in 300 Blackout and a CMMG AR15 with a 10.5" Rainier Arms match barrel in 5.56.

Mega build:
Mega Arms GTR-3H ambidextrous billet lower
Geissele SD-3G 3 gun single stage trigger
Arms Unlimited ambidextrous magazine release (black)
Timebomb black dimpled extended magazine release button (black)
Phase 5 extended billet ambidextrous safety (black)
Forward Controls Designs dimpled extended bolt catch/release (black)
Noveske takedown pins
ATI ergo pistol grip (probably to be swapped out for a Hogue soon)
Extended end plate with QD Sling mount, enhanced castle nut
Redcon Tactical lower spring kit. Standard buffer tube, spring for now (will probably install an Armaspec Stealth spring setup in 2 weeks)
SB Tactical SBM4 pistol brace and buffer tube (soon to probably swap out for an SB PDW or SBA3)
Magpul vintage new old stock straight 20s, a curved 20 for bench shooting/beating on, and a bunch of Pmag 30s

Mega Arms billet upper and 9" keymod handguard
Geissele Super Charging Handle
Strong Side Tactical fluted, bull 300 blackout 8.75” barrel
SLR Rifleworks gas block and pistol length gas tube
Lantac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group
San-Tan Tactical dimpled forward assist
Impact Weapons Corp QD sling mount for top rail
RailScales HTP honeycomb keymod covers
RailScales keymod handstop
Vortex Strikeforce 1-6 with Vortex cantilever mount
Saker ASR muzzle brake

300 Blackout subsonic compatible suppressors are in process. 7 months in...

The next 12" Mega build is just starting. I haven't decided its final configuration yet. I might sell the CMMG receiver set and handguard to find the second Mega. I haven't found a matching billet Mega Arms GTR-3H lower yet. That will probably be a 12" blackout build. I haven't decided if I am going to get a suppressor to run supersonics yet.


That’s not an AK :confused:


Just finished my most basic build. Haven't shot it yet but really like the light weight and easy handling.

Wish I would have started with a gun like this first. Cheap and simple.



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