Post pictures of you teaching the next generation gun safety and appreciation

This was my son's and daughter's first introduction to firearms, back in June of 2016...
At the time these pics were taken, Boy was about to turn 14, and Girl was about to turn 12.
My daughter's fear has since evaporated...

And their stance has improved dramatically. They both "lean in" to it, now... :)
And I broke them both of that "cupping" grip. :mad: They're both "aligned thumbs" shooters now... :D
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So, that was almost 4 years ago now. This is what they shoot today:

The Boy's Browning Buck Mark. He calls it "Goldfinger". Go figure... :rolleyes:
Browning Buck Mark.jpg

The Girl's S&W Model 22A-1. She didn't give it a name. She just shoots the hell out of it... :)
SW 22A-1.jpg

Yes, I got them both .22LR target pistols. I wanted them to learn accuracy first.
We'll move on to bigger boomsticks once they can shoot Alphas with these all day long... :D
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My nephew and my 2 daughters. Don't have pics but the cardinal rules of firearm safety will be the first thing they hear before firing a single shot.
I had my cousins kids (under 10) give me explanations of safe/unsafe actions while I demonstrated with a stick. It brought a lpt more meaning to the rules to have examples to discuss. After they passed with flying colors we proceeded to have a good time putting some holes in targets.
So, updating my posts from above (#202 and #203), the below was this past Father's Day, 4 years after their introduction to firearms by Dad...

Daughter reenacting the final scene from Fistful of Dollars, where The Man With No Name duels with Ramón ...

View attachment 2020_FathersDay_E_22revolver.MOV
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Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
DRRC .22 Rimfire Challenge Oct 10
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA
Oregon State Steel Challenge Championship
Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association
Millican, OR 97701, USA
Miller's Quarry Clean-Up
Miller's Quarry
Miller Rd, Mt Hood Village, OR 97067, USA
Free Firearms Safety Course (I-1639 Compliant)
Virtual Webinar (Zoom)
Seattle, WA, USA


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