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Being locked down for the past weeks has got me makin' stuff again.
(the wife says some of it was just finishing stuff that was put off for too long).

First is a pistol cabinet that I adapted from an old steel box that was taking up space for too long in the garage. The top non-locking drawer holds flashlights and batteries. next 5 locking drawers hold pistols, mags and ammo. 2 larger bottom non-locking drawers are for cleaning stuff and tools. The locking drawers are steel with veneer facing. The legs are just decorative as it is lagged into the wall studs
The decoration was tedious even with the decals.

Second is securing the only two (hallway) windows in my place that are accessible to unauthorized entry (all others are second story). They consist of 2 panels of welded 4' spaced bars of 1' square steel, these panels are lagged into the framing and sandwiched between tongue and groove beadboard on the inside and stretched canvas paintings on the outside.
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It's not pretty but it works great. I glue a couple chunks of 3/4 OSB together, counter sink the bolts holding the press to the wood block and then use my Jorgensen bench clamp to hold it all down tight. I first did this for my Dillon 650 and was tired of bolting my Rock Chucker to the bench all the time, so I thought I'd do it for the RCBS. It's way more solid than mounting it to the bench. I painted the Dillon base blue... most likely this one will stay unpainted till the Lord calls me home. IMG_7481.jpg
Made some drawers for the camper rebuild I posted about a couple weeks ago.



Made this organizer to go in the last drawer shown there. Any of the dividers can be taken out so it's pretty adaptable for whatever we decide to put in there.

Drawers are 18" long and 9" wide. They vary in height from 4 to 10 inches. These are my first box joints. Not perfect, but they'll do.
I made these 4 in the last 10 years.

'69 Chev Suburban
View attachment 704808

'37 British Austin Sedan
View attachment 704809

'63 Ford Falcon Futura
View attachment 704810

'39 Chevy coupe
View attachment 704811

And this '35 Plymouth I'm almost done building for a buddy
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Those old are about as cool as it gets. I had a prostreet 48 Anglia for a couple years and wish I had never got rid of it. It was a high 10 second car so nothing to radical.
Great cars you have built.

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Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun Pistol
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA
Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun Rifle
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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