Post pics of your WWI & WWII Rifles


A 1939 Erma K98k, a recent pickup from a NWFA member. The stock is a Minelli's reproduction, but with some sanding and fitting to improve the profile. Still needs oil.

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So , I happen to stop by WGS and dug into their barrel of stocks, and... a matching 1938 Erma (Waa77) stock and handguard happen to be there, for $55. (Yes, $55!)...

So, while I like the minelli's stock, this one is better. So here is she again, almost all matching (except for the H band and magazine floor plate) 1939 Erma K98k, in a 1938 Erma stock.

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Acquired a couple of Carcanos, 1936 Terni 91 Moschetto and 1941 Terni M41. Both of these have shiny bores w/ no pitting. It makes me wonder if the Italians did not use corrosive ammo or just did a better job of cleaning.

I have an M38 "short rifle" on the way.. My poor wallet :/

I wasn't going to get into Carcanos as I have no more time or space, but I tell myself in 10 years Carcanos will go up like Mosins and everyone will regret not getting them. Plus the history of Italy in the Spanish Civil War and in Greece, North Africa is very interesting.

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I keep wondering if the Carcano will go the way of the Mosin or not. On one hand I kinda hope so because I got so many of the damn things... and so much of milsurp stuff eventually does go up drastically in price when supply dries up. On the other hand, Mosins have the advantage of relatively cheap, common ammo. It was produced in multiple countries and still has multiple producers today. Obviously recent events have driven up the costs of x54R but it’s still several times cheaper and more available than 6.5 or 7.35 Carcano, which in turn affects desirability.
Yup, without ammo and the clips. The Carcano is a DEAD END for me. Not to mention, the higher cost to even consider reloading for it.

Aloha, Mark

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