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I don't know about you but a good picture of beautiful scenery is always a great thing.

I am crazy drawn to the water, especially the ocean so I have a ton of water sunrises and sunsets but also spend a lot of time in the woods so have a bunch of shots like that too.

I don't think there is a scenery thread so let's see em. I will get it started.


I kept these scenery pics to the PNW but if y'all want me to post pics of my home #1 and #2 (Hawaii and Florida) I can.

20200815_053705.jpg 20200815_123010.jpg 20200817_084009.jpg 20200731_163106.jpg 20200717_133658.jpg 20200723_185355.jpg 20191123_135218.jpg 20180616_185841.jpg
:eek: Need a Tetanus shot before going around there!:D
I used to hang around at the rail spurs for the onion sheds east of Walla Walla all the time as a kid. Great fun.
One of the engineers actually let me into the cab and let me drive the switcher out of the spur to the mainline!
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