Portland Veterans Administration Hospital and Weapons

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by The Quiet Man, Feb 15, 2010.

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    My wife and I visited a relative at the Portland VA Hospital this afternoon. This was our first trip to this hospital and we were somewhat surprised to be met by a prominent sign as we drove up to the VA portion of the complex notifying us that no weapons are allowed on the property. We parked in the garage and walked into the main hospital building. There was another large sign just inside the doors notifying us that no firearms, knives, or weapons are allowed in the building or on the property. We walked into the lobby only to find it emtpy, including the information desk. We wandered around trying to establish where we were going and finally had to call on my cell phone to find out where we needed to be. Never did see an employee in the lobby area. We got on an elevator and found our way to the nurses station on his floor. At no time did anyone give us so much as a second look or ask if they could help us find something or someone. I think I could have led an infantry platoon up to the floor and into his room without being challenged. We visited for an hour and then left, again without seeing any employees or security personel between the room and our vehicle. Perhaps the fact that it is a federal holiday had something to do with it. In any regard, if there was any security there it must have been via video cameras.

    I'm wondering how long the VA has had this policy. I was treated at a VA hospital in another state in the 1970's and don't recall any signage. I may not have been as attuned to the issue then. I was a member of a ham radio club that maintained and operated a ham radio station at a large VA hospital in yet another state in the mid 1990's and I know there was no such signage there. I'm not questioning the legality of carrying on federal property, just sharing what my experience was today and wondering if anyone else has anything to add.
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    The VA hospital is a Federal property. Like most of them, the Federal building or the Federal courthouse, for example, firearms or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the property. The sad part is, they have no liability if you can't defend yourself and you end up in a bad situation.
    At any rate, the PDX/VAN VA Hospital has a police force and video surveillance. You happened to show up on a Federal holiday when nobody was at work.

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