Portland Used Shotgun Dealers or Private Seller


Hello. Does anyone know of a dealer in the Portland area that typically has a good selection of used shotguns? I am particularly interested in trap guns, 30" or longer. I would particularly like a Winchester model 37 single shot, 12 ga, 32" barrel. I already have that gun, but in a 30" barrel.


Oct 21, 2016

There was a time in history, when there was an actual hierarchy of gun shops and customers. We went to gun shops, and actually sat and visited, and learned. A strange customer that entered a gun shop, and proceeded to tell the gun dealer that he knew more than the dealer, would never be very welcome in that shop, or by the other customers. Right or wrong, that's the way it was. I always hoped someday I would be one of the old timers that was accepted as an honored customer. And one day, it happened. And about that time, the old school gun dealers started retiring, or just started going out of business. Warren is a hold out from those older times.

If you're close to as old as me, you remember the premier sporting goods store in Portland. Foster Sporting Goods was about as close to heaven as any 12-year old kid could imagine.

There were 4 employees (or managers) there that I remember from the early sixties. Warren (Gun Room), Hobart Manns and Don Hobart (well respected fishing and hunting personalities from radio talk shows), and Larry Schoenborn (Larry's Sporting Goods). When Foster Sporting Goods closed, these four fellers set out on their own, and for a long time, remained successful. Warren is the only one left that is still in the business. And if you ever think Larry Schoenborn from Larry's Sporting Goods and Fishing the West was any less snobbish than Warren, you're mistaken.

The Gun Room and Warren are still holding on the the old school gun store mentality. Add the fact that Warren is not a people-person until you get close to him, then it's understandable that younger or less knowledgeable people will never belong in his store.

I used to shoot trap very extensively. Warren would take any customer under his wing and give one-on-one trap instruction and criticism. I met him many times at the trap club. He often supplied the shells. And he never charged me a dime, other than charging full price for the latest-greatest trap gun he sold me. And he taught me a lot.

So, Warren does not and will never cater to those out of his circle. And I'm not defending his business practices. But I am defending how he got to be this way.

I remember in the late-seventies or early-eighties. Warren became a Ruger dealer. You paid full retail for his Ruger 77's, and he guaranteed 1-MOA. He proclaimed the 77's to be the most accurate mass produced rifle money could buy. I was short of a rifle at one time and went there to buy another 77. Apparently he was no longer a dealer of Ruger products, and did an about-face. He wouldn't have a Ruger in his shop if his life depended on it. Don't know what happened for sure. But his allegiance to any product, or even any customer lasts only as long as he needs it to.

So, for those of you that hate him, be comforted that Warren will not live forever. And even though I've not been in his store for many years, I do remember fondly of where he came from.



I was just at Money Market Pawn, in SE PDX, a few day ago. It looked like they quite a few shot guns. I'm not a shot gun guy so couldn't tell you what they had, but there must have been at least a dozen in the case?


Wow, that narrows it quite a bit. I'd suggest checking "River of Guns". LINK - River of Guns They aggregate a lot of different sites (including this one). Buyer beware as some are loosey goosey. I use to just put in "portland" plus whatever to see what was local. Perhaps you can do "Washington" or "portland" plus whatever you 'd like and get a hit at some point.

Good luck on the quest for the grail!


Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Rimfire Challenge Dec 12th @ DRRC
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA
Albany Rifle & Pistol Club (ARPC) Gun Show
Linn County Expo Center
3700 Knox Butte Rd E, Albany, OR 97322, USA


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