Portland Heritage Rifle

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Gaucho Gringo, Aug 23, 2012.

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    In this mornings Oregonian was an insert for "The Portland Heritage Rifle" by American Legacy Firearms. It kind of took me by surprise because of a lot of people in Portland are anti gun(present company excepted). It is a commemorative type rifle based on a Mossberg 30-30 lever action which looks like to me a clone of a Marlin lever action. The barrel and receiver are gold plated with the receiver, forearm and buttstock are engraved with what I would call 100% coverage. The engraving has to do with milestones in early Portland history. Just out of curiosity I had my wife call the number listed to find out about it and the price is somewhere around $2500.00. I just thought it was kind of interesting that someone would make a gun to sell to people from Portland and put out a nice well done flyer in the paper considering it's official anti gun stance. I went to their website and it had not been updated for this rifle there were a lot of other ones. The thing just got my curiosity up.

    Portland gun 1.jpg

    Portland gun 1.jpg

    Portland gun 2.jpg
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    Kind of cool I guess. But you can't put gold plate and engraving on a $400 Mossberg and call it $2500 cool. Maybe politicos will buy them to give to foreign dignitaries.

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