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Hope to see everyone at the Expo this weekend stop by and mention your a member of North West Firearms and recieve 10% off accessories. Sorry no Saint Bernard puppies this month Cocktailer.:s0155:
Looking forward to the show! I'll be looking for a good price on a 1911, some .45 ammo & anything else that catches my eye. I wanted to see about handling one of those new Smith & Wesson Body Guards in the .380 auto; ive heard good things.
Watch out for some crazy ammo deals!!!

all is new production not reloads!!!
9mm 147gr subsonic- sub 200 per k
380 fmj- sub 250 per k
38 special fmj- sub 250 per k
40 S&W fmj- sub 250 per k
45 acp HP- Sub 330 per k
223 brass- sub 280 per k
7.62x39= sub 190 per k
308- sub 260 per k
7.62x54r- sub 145 per 880

and for the 50 shooters!!!!!
50 bmg - 150rds - sub 300!!! that's under 2 bucks a round for American made 50 bmg!!!!!!!!

I am still working on the numbers to finalize prices. hopefully i can keep this pricing :D

P-mags are 11.95!!!!
glock mags are 21.95!!!!
:banana:*drooling* I am one excited fella, I've missed every danged gun show since moving to PDX 5 years ago-- work work work. But this weekend I'm freeeeeeee! I'm really looking to trade towards a Taurus Judge PD-UL... and a TCP... and... (digging around for wish list....):rockon:
A friend and I will be out tomorrow to check it out! looking forward to it. I will be looking for 1911 items and maybe bringing a gun or two as trading stock.
Yes it is 2.00 off with Bi-mart card not valid with any other discount coupons.
Awesome! I didn't know that, once again the NWF boardies supply great info.
Hey I'll be the guy w/glasses wearing a safety orange windbreaker and walking slowly with a black cane... and probably drooling at every single display:D It'd be cool to meet any other board members who wanna say hi.
Well instead of jumping in my Diesel Ford and spending $8 for parking and $10 in fuel I could spend $4.70 for 2 Trimet all passes and spend 1 1/2 hours in transit each way. God forbid I'd bring a firearm....It'd put a MAX train in lock down.

I'll Drive.
To anyone here that will have a booth at the show; will you have a knockoff of an ACOG with the top mounted reflex sight? I'm also looking to pick up some rail grips.
Well instead of jumping in my Diesel Ford and spending $8 for parking and $10 in fuel I could spend $4.70 for 2 Trimet all passes and spend 1 1/2 hours in transit each way. God forbid I'd bring a firearm....It'd put a MAX train in lock down.

I'll Drive.

I'm sure you know it is legal to carry firearms on the max. it would be a pain in the a**!
Here is a vendor list at the show!
Oregon Hunters Association
Daisy Maiz
Prestige Law Enforcement
Aloha Surplus
Surplus Ammo
Highland Blades
Tannerite Sports
G.A.S. Inc.
NW Trading, Inc.
Storm Enterprises
Double Eagle
D&L Distributors
Oregon Firearm Federation
Chaffee Investment Arms
Oregon Brass
JC Weaponry
Northwest Armory
L&R Trading Co.
Northwest Safe Company
Hawk Eye Optics
Curt's Discount Shooters
NW Self Defense Products
It's A Classic
DAV Chapter #1
Big Boy Gun Toys, Inc.
Gwinner's Shooting Supplies
Gun Zone Of America
Fort Moe Arms LLC
Applegate Sports
Animal Jack Leather, LLC
Gun Safes West LLC
Ryan Judy Sporting Goods
Western Case, Inc.
99 Pawns & Guns LLC
Kurzzeitusa LLC
MK Tactical
Gun Traders
Lanier Sports
Jerry Lee Gun Accessories
Armadillo Arms
Scentsy Candles
CNS Accessories
Satellite Sports Center
Mehess Promotions
Oak Grove Ventures, Inc.
Collectors Cranny
Ron's Sporting Goods
Tactical Accessories
Fort Knox Safes
D&S Enterprise
Ortwine International
Petras Enterprises
NW Ammo
Eagle Outfitters
Perdue Ent. Blowguns
Cast Performance Bullets
Troy Oz Knifes
MPI Stocks
Brass Eagle
Carol's Nuts & Candies
Albany Guns and Coins
Fast Cash
Darrell's Airguns & Accesssories
Herb's Guns
Rimrock Firearms
Wild Boar Blades
Scope Shield Covers
The Meating Place
Ammo Cans Plus
Two Bears Trading Co.
ABG Guns
Pack Legal
Tomahawk Jerky
H&L Sales
PNT Firearms
Militia of Montana
Ultimate Accessory Outfitters
Jerry Waisanen Guns
MiWall, Inc.
Keith's Sporting Goods
GNR Buyers
Clark County Gun Club
All Ears
Wright's Sporting Goods
The Vest Guy
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Cerberus Training Group
Let Freedom Ring
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