Portland Expo Gun and Knife Show With Military Vehicles!

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    This weekend is Collectors West gun and knife show with the Military Vehicle Collectors Club of Oregon in the same hall! There are tons of military collectables, along with a tank and many other vehicles. We only do this show once a year, and it really adds a lot to the show. Hours are Friday 12-6 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 10-3. Admission is $10 and I believe parking is $8 for parking. We also offer 2 and 3 day passes in the show office. This is happening this weekend the 25-26-27 of july. Come on down and see some stuff you don't get to normally see at the shows! Have a good weekend!
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    I had a good time looking at the vehicles and memorabilia last time this show came around. I just told my wife earlier, when I saw a poster on a telephone pole, that I'd like to try and make it this weekend.
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    Just got back from the Saturday show. It is in hall D. Pretty good show since I have not been to one in years there. The military vehicles were an M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, Willy's Jeep looking like its right out of "The Rat Patrol" and some military trucks. The Hellcat was very cool. My last stint in the Army Guard was as a Bradley gunner out in The Dalles so I liked seeing the tracked stuff every now and again.

    Plenty of guns and ammo although I didn't buy anything except two kitchen knives for the wife. I just went mainly to look at new pistols and see how they fit my small hands. There was one SIG P320 and it felt really good in the hand. What I really wanted to compare was .45's. Felt the new Glock 41, Smith Wesson MP45, XDM45, and the HK 45 Tactical. I have shot the Glock 21, M&P45 and an XD45 in the past. Have to say I like the HK best as far as feel goes. I had hopes for the Glock 41 but I compared it right next to a Gen 3 21 which I have owned before but it felt the same. Does have 3 more rounds in the magazine than the HK and MP45...

    Really do like the HK, I mean, if Jack Bauer uses it, it has to be awesome right?
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    Lot's of older rifles if anyone is into that. Must be 10-15 1903's, A3's Remington, Springfield and Smith Corona's. M1 Garand's were pretty expensive. One of the first tables as you come in the door has 3 M1 Carbines and two seemed reasonable at $625. One was a Saginaw and another was an Inland. I don't recall what the third one was.

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