Portland Expo Center with Oregon CHL

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I never worried about it and always carried there unless it was a gun show.

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I found a post from last year stating that the Expo Center is owned by "Metro" so it is public and falls under the state preemption. Is "Metro" a fancy way of saying owned by the City of Portland?

The event is actually in the parking lot of the the Expo Center. The event promoter states What You Can’t Bring: Chains (ex: wallet chains), professional camera, folding chairs, alcohol, recording devices, firearms, weapons, knives etc., any illegal substances.

I won't be attending, just taking the kids and hanging out in the parents waiting room for hours until they are done.

Same question for the Portland Zoo, concealed carry legal with an Oregon CHL?

You can CCW in both places with an Oregon CHL. At the expo IIRC is privately owned so you must peacefully leave immediately if asked. The zoo is public and they cannot ask you to leave (if say they see you printing or otherwise....)

*im learning as I go and this is how I currently understand it but cant cite sources for now, its your reponsibility to find out for yourself. Somebody correct me if im wrong.
My understanding is that what they argue and how they try and justify the ban is that it is "leased property" and as such the leaser can make the rules. Just what I have heard. It's much like a gun show. They say no loaded firearms. Do you submit to that? Why? Is it legal? Or is it a suggestion? The fact of the matter is if you get seen and they want to throw you out for breaking a rule, the rule being broke is irrelevant. They can throw you out without a rule being broken. Once a refusal to leave is made then your going to get slapped with trespass with a firearm.

Not saying it's fair just saying how PDX likes to roll.

Nick Burkhardt
After it took a full hour to get from the freeway off ramp to the entrance of the Expo Center we were told that the parking lot was full and directed to a grass lot where a school bus would shuttle us in. Not wanting to walk back if we were searched, we locked our carry pistols in the car safe.

Security was a joke. There were PD along the Expo perimeter for traffic control, but none at the gate or inside. Staff at the entrance was searching backpacks for alcohol and food (I guess they wanted you to buy the crappy fair food), but not doing pat downs. With the amount of piercings the attendees had, metal detectors were impractical and I did not see any. Inside security consisted of one neckbeard with pepper spray and handcuffs sweating profusely as he was dressed in all black. We stayed an hour, re-enforced the rules to the kids, rearmed and went shopping for the rest of the day. I used the hotel shuttle to pick the kids up rather than driving back into that traffic tempest myself.

Other thoughts on Expo carry. While it would have been possible, the shear density inside would have made a defensive gun use unsafe. Pepper gel or a stun gun would have been more appropriate for the venue.


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