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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by WhiteMamba, Mar 24, 2014.

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    My father needs some very old guns appraised and I can not get a consensus from my friends on where to do this.

    Any help or suggestions would be great , I went through forums but couldn't find the answer before I created thread.
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  3. Mark W.

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    It would be helpful to know what kind of guns your talking about. Some people think a rifle from the 1960's is really old. Others know that an antique must be a min of 100 years old and in firearms they are legally considered and antique until being pre 1898.

    Are we talking old Winchesters or old muzzle loaders The best appraiser for either wouldn't be the same person. Nor would the same person as either of those be the one to appraise WWI era Lugers or a SAA Colt. And on and on.

    If your looking for a real good ball park figure post up what they are and a couple well lit clear sharp photos of each one here and we can get you very close.
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    Tagging for info. I have an old sliding breach shotgun I'd like another professional opinion on,

    Allison & Carry appears a good option. Why haven't I heard of them until now?
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    Twice bitten, 0r--- It's been many years, maybe 20 plus, maybe some one just ran over their dog I don't know why but twice I drove from the west side, once seeking parts once three months later a load manual, both time those within the establishment acted aloof and condecending. My impression was I just interupted the local meeting of the "good ol boys". though not asked to leave, was met with smileless face stares, dead silence and minimalist retorts to questions. I'm not inclined to recommend and if they were selling bricks of 22's for ten bucks still would not return, though your experience may be different, good luck!
    Personaly, Mark W.'s opine about this forum has merit and while you might not get "professional" auction house aprisials they are likely to be realistic, going rate for this area aprisials. At least if you can get multiple responses then average the aggragate. The grains of salt need examining by your own eyes and fingers but the collective knowledge on this forum contains less BS and more merit than most I have perused.

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