Portland: .308 Saiga 21" Conversion, Complete .308 lower receiver, Saiga-12, extras

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Selling these to free up some space in the safe and funds for more projects. Looking for FTF in the Portland area, or an FFL transfer in Vancouver, WA for these.

You can contact me by PM or at [email protected]

Fulton Complete Lower:
This lower is brand new, DPMS LR-308 compatible, and just needs a barreled upper to complete. I will also include 4 sealed C-Products 20rd .308 magazines

Build includes:
Fulton FAR-308 Lower receiver
DPMS .308 Parts kit with bolt catch button
Milspec Carbine Buffer tube and .308 Carbine Buffer assembly
Magpul ACS collapsible stock
Magpul MOE grip

Looking for $620 for this

Converted Saiga .308:
About 200 rounds through this rifle,has run flawlessly so far. Includes:
Tapco G2 single-hook trigger group, fire control retaining plate, and AK selector switch.
Kvar AK stock
Tapco SAW grip
Manual, original stock, and trigger parts
Original 8rd Mag plus 1 FBMG 20rd magazine

Total for this rifle package:$650

I also have a Beryl Optic rail(replaces rear sight, attaches to the tang screw, works on any AK or Saiga with a tang except the Saiga 12)for $40.

Saiga 12:
Brand new in box, 19" threaded barrel, includes factory cleaning kit and 5 rd magazine. Was planning on converting it, but don't have the time or tools to do it.

Looking for $520 for the shotgun

I also have the following unused build parts:

ACE Folding Stock Mechanism: SOLD
Tapco G2 Single hook FCG + Krebs Saiga 12 FCG Retaining Plate: SPF
Tromix Saiga 12 Shark Brake: SPF
MSA Internal Stock Adapter for Saigas: SOLD
Custom trigger guard, grip mount, bottom plate with selector stop: $40
4x AGP 10 round mags: SPF


Feedback: 95 / 0 / 0
Heh, I know we've discussed it in PM, but just to affirm it... I'll take the Saiga .308
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