Portland 129 Incidents Of Gang Violence so far in 2015

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    Portland 129 Incidents Of Gang Violence so far in 2015, saw a news report today on Fox 12.
    So in a place where there are no gun allowed makes me wonder what the deem as a violent incident.

    The Tactical Operations Division – which houses the gang unit, Gun Task Force and Metro Gang Task Force – has seized 137 firearms as evidence in criminal cases from 2015.

    The bureau released the following statistics for yearly total incidents of gang violence:

    2011 – 103
    2012 – 118
    2013 – 106
    2014 – 109
    2015 – 121 (as of Sep. 1, 2015)

    Police Chief Lawrence P. O’Dea, III said, “there are still a number of unsolved shootings and we continue to see a high level of gang activity. We are working with our youth violence prevention partners and we are asking community members to come forward with information as well as support local city and community efforts to prevent gang and gun violence.”

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    No word on how many of those sized firearms were stolen or purchased legally? The answer probably doesn't support the politboro's agenda....
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    What do they define as "gang violence," and how often do they reclassify/redefine the term?

    Small changes in definitions frequently result in massive statistical changes, in law enforcement reporting.

    Just sayin'
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    I find it interesting that in so many cases of gang violence, there are witnesses that could, if they'd testify, help to put an end to this. But the culture of gangs and those around them, whether friends, family or neighbors, is one of "don't trust the police" and "don't snitch". It is not a gun violence issue, it is an issue of people protecting criminals and criminal actions.

    Just this week, the mayor of Chicago decided to blame all their gang violence and death on the police. The level of stupidity, incompetence and outright lies by these leaders is so beyond comprehension for me.

    Until the people that know these criminals decide to actually do something about it, they will be as responsible as the criminals themselves for continuing to perpetuate the violence. All the while the anti-gun Dem politicians that run Portland will do everything they can to take advantage of this violence to blame the law-abiding gun owners and to punish them for something that has nothing at all to do with them.
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