And don’t ever shoulder one of these.

reliable, yes. I never could produce better accuracy than donut-hole 'minute of cantaloupe' at 30' with any Gl*ck of any caliber. Never once actually hit center x-ring in several tons of non-lead ammo.
Don’t get me started on Glocks, but in my post I was referring to the beretta 92
I recently bought a new Sig 365 Romeo and wanted a micro compact for my daily concealed carry and I hate it!
I’ve tried 3 different holsters, every edge on the pistol is sharp as a razor against your body. It bucks like a mule in my giant hands and with its 3,1 inch barrel it’s difficult to hold a 10” group for me at 10 yards.
honestly I’m going back to my Glock17, it’s edges are smoother to carry IWB and I can hold that 10” or tighter group at 25 yards with no effort.
I carry everywhere legal all the time and just want my pistol to be as natural to grab as my wallet and I’m 6’9” 340lbs so all you guys that can carry concealed at your belly button comfortably, I’m jealous. My happy spot is at 4 o’clock and when driving it’s a touch uncomfortable.
It would appear that you and I share similar physical characteristics.
Check out the Crossbreed SuperTuck holster.
I expect it will solve your sharp edge problems.
I use one for my Beretta Centurion, and I literally can forget I have it on.
It is supported by a very stiff Beltman elephant hide belt.
In my younger and more vulnerable days.......

I had a try at pulling the trigger on a Browning Hi-Power. Mind you that I was shooting 2700 Matches back then (with my Colt M1911 and S&W M41). Anyway, Yeah......the BHP's trigger was sooooo BAD that I didn't buy one for the longest time. Well OK.....I had been spoiled by my M1911, I admit it.

Aloha, Mark
Henry 22 caliber lever. Hated the magazine tube because they don't make them to fit. They put an O-ring on it to keep it from falling out. I lost the O-ring and it will fall out as soon as it is pointing down hill. They did send me a new tube with the O-ring but I just don't like their short cut.
Many different "modern in-line" muzzle loading rifles.
Not a fan of them at all.

Glock pistols....
Great guns for sure....just not for me.

The Henry "standard model" .22 lever action rifle...
Nice rifles...but too much plastic on it.

Ruger new model revolvers...
If you can't understand how to load and carry a traditional single action revolver....
Then that dumbazz "transfer safety bar" ain't gonna help you much either....

The same for any of the mechanical safeties on lever action rifles of the Winchester 94 , Marlin 336 and 1894...
Or the copies of the Winchester 92's...
Over the years many, many firearms have passed thru these old hands. A few stayed but most were traded off for something new to me or at least exciting and different. So here is a list Of some I've had but aren't looking to replace in kind.
Thompson Contender hand guns I've had a bunch with the smallest being .222 and the largest being 45-70 maybe 5 or 6 other barrels in between.
Right handed bolt guns, I'm un-apologetically very left eye and hand dominate.
Little guns , I can still palm a basketball so I need guns that fit. Nothing smaller than a M&P Shield.
I've said it before but I'll say it again, I don't like any rifle or shotgun that ejects hot shells across my face.

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