Polymer or steel for CC? Holster type does matter.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by PlayboyPenguin, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Recently I had decided that polymer was so much better for concealed carry. I prefer stainless steel guns but the lighter nature and often slimmer profile of the polymer guns just made them the way to go.

    Keep in mind, I made this decision back when I was predominantly carrying OWB in a belt slide style holster. Heavier, thicker guns just tended to sag and prove hard to conceal without a big lump.

    Right around the time I started carrying polymer pistols I finally started carrying IWB and bought a good belt. Since then I have not even really tried to carry an all steel gun.

    Tonight I decided to leave my regular Kahr PM40 at home and carry my new-to-me, slightly larger, all-steel Kahr K40 instead. I weighed both guns and the K40 was about 10oz heavier and it is a bit taller and longer. To my surprise I hardly noticed any difference at all despite the added size and weight. It seems the IWB method of carry and a good belt really make the difference much less noticeable than it was when I was carrying OWB.

    I might just have to rethink the polymer carry gun thing. :)
  2. tionico

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    I came to the same conclusion... I prefer the extra heft and balance of an all steel gun, and MUCH prefer the look and long life of stainless (though I did have a nickel BHP for a too-short season) I also prefer the lower felt recoil of an all steel handgun.....
    Interesting it took actually carrying the two, in the two styles of holster. Maybe it was dumb luck, beginner's luck, or something... but I never really went the OWB/polymer option. Went from a cheap plastic falling-apart WalMart "dress" belt to a really good Galco gunbelt... and IWB just seemed "right". Poly pistols work well in IWB also...... bit I've got rid of most of mine. A couple to go, though I'm keeping the Ruger LCP... that I got for a specific service..... and nothing else will suit as well. Yes, I'll "suffer" with the poly frame on that one.....
  3. onearmedswordsman

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    If a good belt made such a big difference, maybe it is time we start a thread on belts for IWB cc.
  4. willseeker

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    I carry an all steel commander most of the time OWB. I wear a gun belt made by Eugene and yes, I can feel the added weight over my plastic gun but the sturdy belt keeps it close and up.

  5. dobeman

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    Yep. A good gun belt and IWB holster make all the difference. My beltman 1 1/4" leather gun belt is thick and stiff and does a really good job keeping everything tight. I use kydex IWBs. Just opens up the possibilities - I can CC a 1911 comfortably all the way down to my .380.
  6. The Quiet Man

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    I completely agree with everyone above, and isn't that a first!!! A proper belt makes all the difference in the world whether you are carrying on or in. I also have found the IWB holsters to be the most concealable but have no difficulty carrying heavy, full size firearms on the belt. Anyone can discretely carry pretty much anything they want these days with the right belt and holster, and the "good stuff" is easy to find because of all the new products brought about by a large segment of the country adopting reasonable concealed carry laws over the past 20 years.
  7. longcolt

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    I sure prefer the size and weight of the Polymer pistols for everyday carry.

    But for the range I like the weight of the 1911 steel pistols. I just have not been able to get used to wearing a 1911 around all day. I have a couple of kimber lightweight compacts that are a nice size, but my Kel-tecs in my front pocket are so much easier to live with.

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