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Polymer AR lower

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Bowwen, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Bowwen

    Bowwen Saint Helens, OR New Member

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    I have been looking at an AR with a polymer lower, the only reason I was even considering it was because of the price. But I am just not sure as to how well a poly lower would hold up. Everything in the lower is poly and it makes me wonder how well they will hold up to all that moving and recoil and what not. Just would like people opinion on them good or bad. Thanks guys
  2. krkruse

    krkruse Salem area Active Member

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    I got one, and I like it just fine. Its much lighter, I have probably put at least 2000 rounds down range, and its all been good. No failures what so ever.
    Mi biggest complaint, which might be brand specific (PlumCrazy) is i cannot replace the trigger. The lower is proprietary which is fine for me, but I do kinda want the ability to relpace the trigger down the road.

    I would get another polymer lower if the trigger could be swapped.

    but the price is good.
  3. Modeler

    Modeler Molalla, Oregon Soccer Fan

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    Are the internals poly as well? Seems like the repeated thumping the hammer takes might make poly not such a good material for that use.
  4. Keane

    Keane Hillsboro, OR Active Member

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    I like my PlumCrazy as well. The internals ARE poly, but they seem to take a beating pretty nicely. Additionally, the whole thing is lighter and has a better trigger than most off-the-shelf ARs.

    I figure at the prices (around 1/2 price of a decent lower), it is fantastic, and the risk of breakage (of which SOME happen, but they are rare) is low enough that I can replace it a few times before I start to worry about it.
  5. dmancornell

    dmancornell Portland, OR New Member

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    My CavArms lower is doing fine after 1k rounds. Metal internals.
  6. Lush

    Lush Seattle, Washington, United States Active Member

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    If I got a Stripped poly lower could I put a metal parts kit on it? Also do u think a poly lower would be better to shoot 5.45x39 because the surplus stuff is mildly corrosive?
  7. lazerblazer

    lazerblazer Portland Active Member

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    I'm certain you can change out the fire control group on the plum crazy lowers. Google is my friend.
  8. rds801

    rds801 Portland Member

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    There are stories/photos of cracked poly lowers. And there are people that aren't having any issues.

    I almost went that route for my first lower because of the price but decided not to. I went with a PSA lower when they were having those $49.99 sales.

    I would probably buy one for a .22 if I didn't have 3 lowers already. 1 is already a rifle, 1 is a complete lower waiting for the PSA upper to be shipped and 1 is just stored away.