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Would like to get your opion on polishing the ramp of a semi auto pistol.
Interested in which polish you use and the procedure.

Hand sanding, drill ..?
600 grit, 800 grit?

Brand of polish ?

Thanks Pete
Any kind of metal polishing compound. I used Mother's out of the car accessory aisle. Other guys have said good things about Flitz.

Use a q-tip and a lot of elbow grease to clean your ramp. Anything more than that, and you are likely to screw up your ramp's geometry.
I polished my feed ramp with a green abrasive pad, dry. It worked, but in retrospect, having some metal polish would have made it easier and quicker.
Try some 600-1000 grit sandpaper on a tip of an eraser. Take your time, you dont want to change the angle or profile of your feed ramp. I used a dremil tool with a polishing wheel and jewelers rouge just to really shine it up to a mirror finish. Be careful not to get in the chamber either!
Really though, if your pistol feeds 100% I wouldnt touch the feed ramps. I did it to my kel tec because the machining grooves in the ramp would catch on the edge of the case. What kind of pistol do you have?
I have had easy success using Crocus Cloth patches wrapped over pencil erasers of increasing size. The soft rubber erasers conform the cloth to the shape of the surface of the ramp and the upper side of the chamber. Use only an in-and-out stroke, following the bullet path, not crosswise. Crocus Cloth is an unbelievably fine grit emery cloth available at any good hardware store. It polishes lightly rather than abrading off much metal........................elsullo
AND use a very light oil, WD-40 or some 100% silicone brake fluid to keep your polishing media lubed. This will keep you from removing too much metal. Dry media cuts too quickly and unevenly. The suggestions of the Flitz and Q-Tip sound good but will be slow - but slow is good if you are inexperienced in this area.
Sorry to be the dissenting voice in this thread, but this is probably a problem that you should let a pro handle. Its very easy to change the geometry of the ramp or take off too much material. And once that happens, you'll need a gunsmith to fit a new barrel anyway. Just start with a gunsmith and you won't need to pay them more later to fix a screw-up...

...unless your gun has a problematic feeding issue, then polishing won't accomplish anything that running several hundred rounds through it won't.

And if you do have an issue with proper feeding, you shouldn't tackle any altering of the pistol's function, unless you're familiar enough with gunsmithing to do so... just my opinion.

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