Polish Tantal (Like New) w/ 840rnds of 7N6 Ammo, Wood Stock Set & Extras

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    Like new Polish Tantal 5.45x39. Purchased new 2 months ago and has exactly 240rnds flawless rounds down range. Has been stored in a climate controlled safe and cleaned properly after each session w/ 7N6.

    Rear stock and bulged LHG are Bulgarian, PG is Chinese and UHG is Ironwood Designs. Stock has been refinished with a pre-cat laquer dark red mahogany and then sealed with a pre-cat flat laquer finish.

    I would break the rifle down cost wise like this:
    1) Polish Tantal Rifle w/ (1) Mag, Bi-Pod and Original Box: $440
    2) Complete Wood Stock Set: $150
    3) (3) Unissued Polish Steel Mags: $80
    4) 840rnds of 7N6 ammo: $125
    Grand Total: $795

    I am asking for a trade comparable to the price of $550-$600 w/o ammo and $675-$715 w/ ammo. Sale price w/o ammo is $600 and w/ ammo is $690. Shipping not included.

    I am open to all trade ideas, not looking for anything particular so feel free to ask away.

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